Carjacking and Violence in Pheasey

Shocking news came in this afternoon whilst at work on the Birmingham Live App of a dreadful incident on Morteon Avenue by the hairdressers. The full details on Birmingham Live Website HERE

I just popped down and that part of the road is sealed off with forensics and others around.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 16.29.42.png

Picture quality not great as sun int he way but you can clearly see two vans there and that whole corner blocked off.

Unfortunately this is very rare event but very frightening for anyone who witnessed it, say in the hairdressers.

This follows on from the mass brawl at the Cat and Fiddle which made national news after the World Cup exit (what is with some people ??) and embarrassed the area as someone posted a few days ago.

So the question is violence getting worse or is social medial amplifying it to make it look worse ?

And if it is getting worse is it no surprise given how many massive cuts to the police forced by govt cuts ?

Would be nice to hear some comments on this.

Edit – I forgot to mention some car robberies at the lights to Asda and I suspect the same people involved ?