4 thoughts on “Pictures of Pheasey

  1. Hi Ian,
    I’ve viewed your photo’s, liked them; and i’ve a few suggestions for some other Pheasey pix. Beacon cottages; and the pair of cottages near the junction of Beacon Road and Little Johnsons Lane; the old Crook House Farm apartments on Pinfold Lane; St Margarets Church (where myself, my sisters and many other Pheasey/Park Farm residents are/were Christened); Pheasey’s first school, the old school house cottages and the gate house to Merrions Wood all on Chapel Lane and the former police station house on Hillingford Avenue.
    There are some photo’s of myself and some of my old Pheasey cronies taken circa 1982 on Park Farm in my first book ‘From Somewhere Out Of Here’, which should be in the library. You can use them on the website if you want; but if you do, make sure you mention the photographer Mick Geoghegan. The photographs were taken in Pinley Grove, Stonehurst Road, Moreton Avenue, Beacon Road and across on the Birmingham/North Warwickshire side of the Queslett Road.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I think it would be a good idea to have some photographs of Great Barr Hall on here. The hall not only Pheasey/Park Farm’s most famous building, but one of the most famous structures in Walsall and South Staffordshire and dating back to at least the 17th century. I would suggest photographs of the hall in it’s complete form, pre 1978; and pictures of the sorry state of the hall today, thanks to 32 years of shameful neglect by successive Euro-Labour and Conservative/Liberal Democrat run Walsall Council administrations.
    Local historian Peter Allen will almost certainly, i’m sure, have in his possession a number of photographs of the hall from the Victorian era up to the present day.

  3. Hi Ian,
    I don’t have Peter’s e-mail address, but he has a fortnightly column in the Great Barr Observer and i’m sure that if you give them a call on 0121-355 6061 or e-mail them at observer.editorial@cintamworth.co.uk they’ll pass on his contact details to you.
    Other local landmarks worthy of your attention are the Queslett Gateposts and Queslett Gatehouse at that entrance to Great Barr Park. The Keepers Cottage would have been another building worth photographing, until some or other little pyromaniac decided to torch it. Let’s hope Bovis re-build it at some point.
    All the best, Steve.

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