Councillor and MP Details

Local councillor Surgeries are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Collingwood Centre, 10am till 11am.

They are available for homes visits and by phone

Cllr Adrian Andrew 07904158888 / 01922 458229
Cllr Mike Bird 07973 509835 / 01922 644450
Cllr Chris Towe 07719474053 / 01922 627755

Valerie Vaz MP for Walsall South now has the following website and can be contacted through it


Surgery appointments will need to be pre booked

7 thoughts on “Councillor and MP Details

    • Hi
      After the worldwide disgrace of having Pheasy estate being shown on both u tube & The Sun following the recent World Cup loss what plans are there for stopping the gathering of young people around the Nisa / cat & Fiddle pub during the evening. I would welcome & even buy the beer if a councillor was to sit in the pub garden & watch the “ dealings “ going on , police cars drive by but do not stop , kids are cycling back & forward to parked cars & then returning to the the kids hanging around.
      We desperately need ASBO issued across Pheasey / park farm before it gets worse.
      On Sunday evening 2 police cars drove around the estate & looked at the kids but did not stop to speak to them , indeed the kids watched after the police & clapped as they drove away.
      Are we becoming an estate where the police are scared to stop!

      • very good points Les and recently we saw the incident at the shops etc …. To me it is simple and police resources are so cut that it is difficult to do their job. Especially here as we are covered by Aldridge so there is a gap over the beacon to cover.

  1. hello again Tyndale Crescent is due for restrictions of sorts ,of course the Great Barr Obs is not again used to let us know ,but the Walsallpaper freebe has the info ,you know the one we don’t get.
    thanks useless A.Andrew for correcting this ever present error when asked,
    I wish we had locals representing us19.5.2014

  2. farm over Beacon been sold,to Foxhills,and planning permission sought for guess what,Mr Bird was offhand as usual saying dog walkers would have to go somewhere else,and things seem to be a done deal.
    Great having reps who don’t live on the area they represent (old chestnut with me!) more phone masts and houses soon where MB-Towe- AA live ?

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