Doe Bank

Towards Park Farm

Barr Beacon School

Sad sight, the bowling green gone

Looking towards Streetly

Towards Doe Bank Park

Deers Leap

6 thoughts on “Doe Bank

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  2. Having just read the letter in the great barr observer by Ian Robotham with his thoughts on the identity of pheasey estate, I am at a loss to understand his logic. Firstly he refers to having lived on the estate for 38 years, he should ask around he will find that makes him a relative newcomer. He refers to being separated by Barr Beacon, does he not realise that we are part of Barr Beacon, the estate was built on farmland and still retains a rural aspect. If he feels he identifies with Birmingham why doesn’t he personally go and live there, and not try to take this area with him. I have never read such rubbish in all of my life, with all of the problems that we face today do we need this, he should be glad that he lives in an area which has remained relatively untouched for more than 50 years and still retains its wide open spaces, how long do you think that would remain if we were part of Birmingham.

  3. Totally agree. Pheasey is quite unique it doesnt feel anything like Birmingham – far too green and most people are hardworking and polite

  4. Hi Joy,
    Well said! – I note that the excellent comments above from M Jarvis are from July 2010. I thought i’d viewed everything on here, but i’d clearly missed those direct remarks.
    I had the misfortune to drive through a good few miles of Birmingham yesterday. Winson Green, Handsworth, The Bronx (Newtown), Lozells, Perry Barr and Kingstanding; A profoundly depressing experience from my perspective.

  5. My Grandson has asked ifr he is still allowed to use his remote control car in the separate area adjacent to Doebank Lane. He and his friends enjoy the company and being in the frest air. Can anyone clarify ? Roland

  6. Friends of doe bank park need people’s help to help us get the use of the field at the back of the park back. We need the people of pheasey to lobby the councillors to make sure they stick to what they promised, if it’s not part of the park you will soon see houses being built on it just like the ones that are going to be built on foxhills stables.

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