About and Feedback

This blog is about the Pheasey Estate which is in the borough of Walsall

For those of who do not us it is 7 miles North of Birmingham City Centre and 3 miles south of Walsall.

Pheasey Park Farm

I have felt for a while that our estate does not get the coverage it deserves and because we are distant from Walsall we are often forgotten. This blog will represent my views and therefore will be biased at times due to my political views (labour party member) but will try and represent what we are about

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Ian Robathan

26 thoughts on “About and Feedback

  1. Hi Ian,
    Pheasey/Park Farm is not an estate?????? – It’s a suburb. Reasonably green, pleasant, with decent housing stock and people, good neighbours; generally quiet, reasonably affluent, with very little crime and unemployment compared to many areas.
    If anyone wants to go and see what real estates look like then perhaps a visit over the Queslett Road border from here in South Staffordshire into North Warwickshire to Castle Vale or Chelmsley Wood might be in order.
    Distant from Walsall????? – Many Pheasey/Park Farm residents own one or more cars; and it’s just 10 minutes into the centre of Walsall town centre from here by car.

  2. course it is an estate Steve, it is not in the Burbs, Streetly is. We had council houses on the estate, many of them, where I live and many other houses were old Boots homes and paid rent to them

    by any defintion it is an estate, it seems to me you are trying deny something that is obvious.

    Is Oscott an estate because we are exactly the same as them with the same mixture.

  3. Hi Ian,
    We’ll have to agree to disagree again. Nearly all of the houses in the suburb are privately owned now, with only approx 80 properties that are council/housing association owned. There are a similar number of council/housing association owned homes next door in Streetly.
    Oscott is not an estate either, it is a suburb of North Birmingham, North Warwickshire, with large numbers of council/housing association properties now in private ownership.

    • This could be a really interesting 3 way debate. It is not an estate it is 2 and possibly 3 now, but it is (is it?) changing into a place rather than estate/s but because of the family connections this will take some time to go from estate to an area or a suburban village which is what I would like to see.

      PPF has its own identity and history that it is, and should be, proud of and I am proud to be a tiny spec in the proud history of the area.

  4. Adrian, Pheasey does have distinct areas.

    I live by the Terminus and that is definitely different from Park Farm and parts of Doe bank are different from us.

    that is the beauty, within a smallish estate and when you add on Nether Hall and OH then we have disparate communities other areas say St Matthews does not have.

    Many people like Steve and myself have long family ties to the place, my mum and Dad for example brought the new house built in the 60’s after living in Queslett and that feeling continues.

    I know many people who simply have not moved and never will yet many who got out as soon as poss !!

  5. Hi Ian/Adrian,
    I think that Pheasey/Park Farm/Beacon Height’s/Orchard Hills and Nether Hall Park, all together is one suburb. I really like Adrian’s term ‘suburban village’.
    Ian is correct, the Terminus is different to say Park Farm and Doe Bank, which are different to Nether Hall, which is very different to Beacon Height’s, which is different to Orchard Hills, which is very different to the more rural area containing many cottages, houses and farms dotted about the lanes and by-ways between Wimpris Way and Skip Lane.
    A very pleasant day today; and this evening i drove into town, through Park Farm, along the Beacon Road (what a superb view west just below Barr Beacon), i went down Little Johnsons Lane and along the Sutton Road to the canal bridge just past Daisy Bank Crescent and on towards the Broadway. What a great place to live. Green, generally clean, quiet, usually friendly, with plenty of good and decent people around and about.

  6. funny enough Steve just done that ride on my bike and the views from Barr Beacon were stunning and in my view the Council under whatever party has not done enough to promote it

  7. Hi Ian,

    Congratulations on joining the ranks of local blogs in the Walsall area – I’m very impressed!

    I have been providing an online voice for Bloxwich, Leamore & Blakenall Heath with The Bloxidge Tallygraph since 2006 – I hope you will check it out!

    I’ve linked you from the Tallygraph’s local blogs page.

    Keep up the good work – Walsall needs more local blogs to raise the profile of all our distinctive local towns, villages, suburbs and – dare I say it – estates :O)


    Stuart Williams
    The Bloxidge Tallygraph

  8. Undertaking research in Walsall areas, Districts, estates and suburbs and would appreciate notification of any follow up comments.

    Peter Davis

  9. Ring & Ride we are considered to be Berminham,here so many elder disabled walsallians who live on pheasey cannot visit relatives, clubs etc.in walsall via Ring & Ride as walsall branch is not interested, yet our taxes go to walsall,we aint really part of walsall am we,weem the bit over that hill,they aint interested in till they want yer vote or money!

  10. I grew up on what was always called “Pheasey Estate” in the 50s and 60s.
    I delivered newspapers all over it, and onto the Park Farm Estate when it was being built.
    I remember, as a kid, playing in the fields that were to be built on. They were covered in rose bay willow herbs, and had a wood at the top.
    The old farmhouse was still there then, and it had a pond behind it.

    Talking of ponds, there used to be one at the bottom of Beacon Road, on the left just past the old cottages.
    We were amazed when they built a clinic OVER the old pond. It fell down.

    I’m surprised at the talk of connection with Walsall. We didn’t consider ourselves to be attached to Walsall in any way. People went into Birmingham (29a bus, every 6 minutes from the Trees), or sometimes West Bromwich, for the market.

    I think that we thought Walsall a long way away, and a bit foreign.

  11. Very few of my neighbours here in Pheasey/Park Farm hail from South of the Queslett Road border; and most of those few that do that i’ve spoken to have told me that they couldn’t wait to get out of Birmingham and move to our quiet, pleasant and green corner of South Staffordshire/Black Country; especially those that lived for any period of time in areas such as KS.
    Very few people here refer to our suburb as an ‘estate’?; and it seems to me that most individuals that do either left Pheasey/Park Farm 40 or 50 years ago or have never resided here.
    Like many of my neighbours, myself and my family all hail from various parts of the Black Country and moved here in 1959. None of us have ever lived in Birmingham and have no connection or interest in that part of North Warwickshire. Most of us shop in Aldridge, Sutton, Lichfield and Walsall and travel infrequently into Birmingham City Centre.
    I’ve driven through parts of (for example) Castle Vale and Chelmsley Wood in East Birmingham, areas which i’d term as ‘estates’. They look very unlike Pheasey/Park Farm to my view.

  12. After a famous Black Country victory in Lancashire against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday, it’s the Vile next up for the Albion. The first of this seasons Staffordshire V Warwickshire local derbies it promises to be a tough test for the Baggies, like last seasons two closely fought draws. The Vile, following their own very good win over the sky blue and white half of Manchester over the weekend and with a fast strenghtening team

  13. with a good number of quality players in their squad should prove a stern test indeed for Albion. Like last season, the Vile are sure to be quick out of the blocks and determined to draw first blood; We, i’m sure, are going to have to fight tooth and nail and up our game to get anything out of the match. A poor performance such as those against Southampton and Swansea will almost certainly mean a seriously bad day at the office against rapidly improving opposition.

  14. I’m leaping way way ahead of myself here. I’d got it fixed in my head that it was the Vile at home on the first Monday of October. The game is on a Monday evening – but Monday the 25th of November!!!!! Should have dug out and checked my fixture list to make sure before making my previous post. It’s The Gooners, The Potters, Liverpool, Palace and Chelsea before we play the Vile

  15. Ian,

    When you run a blog on something specialist, like “The Pheasey” for instance, you really should have a good idea of what you are talking about, if you look in your photos section, you will find the following:

    “Pheasey Community Centre – Hillingford Road”

    I think you will find that it is Avenue and not Road …

    How can you get the address of such an important part of our estate wrong?

    Still, this is typical of how Labour see things in this country, completely different to the way it is, certainly not how the rest of the population see it and a complete contradiction of the facts!

    I have made a screen shot for posterity too by the way

  16. Oh dear! Labour sees things,how ? about balance non of them are any different,tried your Tory councillors lately, ask them a road in the area,its quite a revelation,still from a millionaire tax dodger like you must be to make such a comment,why not move somewhere posher,with your Fascist Mail newspaper type views,we all make mistakes I live off Beacon Lane,avenue,street,I think!

  17. DJ, Firstly i am no tory and sadly i am not a millionaire either – Far from it!

    If i was i certainly would not:

    A – want to dodge my taxes and
    B – want to move away from the Pheasey either, although i might get myself a holiday home on the continent, not too far away though as i am scared of planes so i drive where i go.

    I would tend to agree with you that most of them are no different, this does not make any of them any good though does it? This week i read that Walsall council intend to ask the good people of Walsall if they would rather pay more council tax than have the Museum closed? What sort of question is that then? There is plenty of money wasted all over Walsall that would easily manage to keep the museum open.

    Oh and my comment was tongue in cheek in the first place, i do like to dig people in the ribs a lot for a laugh!

  18. Hi DJ; I can’t quite see how Paul’s fairly innocuous comment regarding Hillingford Avenue merits such an over the top reaction from you?? ‘Millionaire tax dodger’, with ‘Facist Mail newspaper type views’???? Bizzare response to say the least!! – Hi Paul, i agree with your point concerning Walsall Council and keeping the museum open. The FibLabCon Council should stop handing over a large chunk of our Council Tax to bodies that should have been scrapped long ago such as the Local G

  19. overnment Association; And scrap all of the many council non-jobs, beginning with that of the Chief Executive and his string of bag carriers. That should save a good few quid for starters.

  20. I’m well aware that the Birmingham Mail has long been a fairly hopeless newspaper with very little actual news inside it’s pages. I wouldn’t label it a fascist publication though i must admit!!

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