Can’t believe it’s McDonalds

Well hello again, thought done with this but now.

A decade ago I wrote this and what has come in today ??

Yep you guessed it an application …

The trees has been given permission to knock it down but we thought for an old folks home but nope its a McDonalds app. So I fully object to it now as then and sent the following to Cllrs, Towe and Andrew, Bird can not comment. I will of course post any reply they send

They have to object to the new plans and if you do then please submit your comments to

We local elections coming up I wished I was still politically active !!

Hi Adrian, Chris,

I hope you will both fully campaign against this horrendous proposal for the Trees pub (as I call it).

I see we have got the usual rubbish through from McDonalds’s about new jobs etc when there is no shortage of jobs for people in the area. Latest unemployment figures back this up and in fact there is a shortage of people for the jobs.

I do not care about the building itself, it is a functional building of its time and has no outstanding architectural merit. However the real concern is the traffic this would cause.

I am sure both of you know the mess that can happen around the Rushell McD’s ?  Imagine that here on a traffic island with basically 6 exit points. On an island with notorious safety issues (I was nearly side swiped by someone so desperate to get off from the Old horns side a few days ago, my dash cam has been submitted to the police for consideration).

Just stand there any day and watch the traffic trying to get off Romney way now ? I see the plans include the exit and entrance e on Romney, can you imagine the chaos this cause back onto the island ? 

This has rumoured for a long time and I thought, nah cant be so stupid, but here it is. I have long moaned about the Queslett Road, the race track it is at night that the whole estate can hear and this will make a very very bad situation much worse.

This will be sent into the official consultation and any planning application as well.

If I was still active in politics I would heavily campaign against this nonsense on traffic grounds alone and I know it would be very popular in the those who would have to live around there and put up with it, the service road on the Queslett will become a rat run. 

At no point have they even tried to mitigate the obvious traffic chaos that will ensure. Any accidents and injuries there will be totally on the planning committee if they pass this.

Ian Robathan

Edit —- Adrian has just replied with

Hi ian if anyone wants to email us please ask them to use so I can collate them all 



Cllr Adrian Andrew 

Deputy Leader Walsall Council 

Conservative – Pheasey Park Farm Ward

And PS … a decade on the land at the old petrol station is still unoccupied, over grown and a total mess …


2 thoughts on “Can’t believe it’s McDonalds

  1. Hi Ian,

    I like the 1930’s former Trees pub building and would prefer it to be used again/re-purposed, with as much of the existing structure saved as possible.
    I agree with every other point made in your post regarding the application to build a McDonald’s on the site. Unemployment rates in Pheasey/Park Farm are low; possibly the lowest in Walsall; the Queslett Road, particularly around the Trees island is very busy from 6.30 am to 7.30 pm seven days a week and building a McDonalds on the old pub/Buffet Island site would only add to the heavy volume of traffic. The application is a seriously flawed, bad idea and should be rigorously opposed and hopefully rejected.

    • Never looked at either this or the Old horns and indeed the Deers leaps as buildings that are great. Basically the same design as many were built of at the time and plenty remaining across the West Mids of the same style.

      The Traffic is the only issue at debate here for me Steve. I will at some point if they submit a formal application go down there and make some videos of the awful traffic there, not in terms of volume but near misses etc.

      As I said to Adrian I was nearly side swipped a couple of weeks ago by someone coming off from old horns side and desperate to beat me. Sadly only got a part number plate and awaiting the police.

      The whole road has to be downgraded and said this for decades even but because it crosses three council boundaries it seems no will by all three to do that.

      Three ways to do it

      1. Average speed cameras placed at entrance at the Scotts, old horns and Streetley, intermediate cameras at the brow of the hill and at the Queslett pub.

      2. Place chicanes and narrow the width at key points

      3. Visual narrowing which has proved very successful in Belguim and the Netherlands.

      4. Reduce the trees island to only 2 lanes from Dear Leap side

      5. You make the service road both sides one way only (i.e cut off the entrances at one side as done on the Beacon road )

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