Is Barr Beacon Leisure Centre under threat ?

As I reported in my last blog piece there is a review going on in Walsall about the leisure facilities within the Town.

Clearly there is a massive agenda on cost cuts from the Tory leadership and the Yam Yam has reported that a meeting took place and all options are still under consideration, these are

• The closure and demolition of leisure centres resulting in the council withdrawing from front-line service provision.

• Do nothing and allow the leisure centres to continue to crumble.

• Carry on with the present provision and undertake “minor“ repairs.

• Reduce the number of publicly owned swimming pools in Walsall from 27 to “9 or 10”. The report does not indicate which of the 22 school swimming pools would be shut down.

• Close and demolish the five leisure centres and replace them with a single “jewel” facility.

• Have a single facility augmented by a reduced number of pools elsewhere.

Clearly from this you can see that there is threat over Barr Beacon the only facility within 4 miles for Walsall residents of Pheasey (I go to Kingstanding for example which is closer that the Gala) and this must be saved. Guess as we are a safe Tory ward now that is not going to be an issue but we should fight to keep all facilities open for all the other wards.