Local Election Candidates for Walsall

The declared list of candidates for Pheasey/Park Farm ward has now been announced

Martin Barker ( Lib Dems)
Steve Grey (UKIP)
Jack Kelly (Labour)
Christopher Towe (Conservative and sitting councillor)

The only election literature to be received so far is from the Conservatives, not much in there except he says he is planning to move to the ward soon.

Why after all these years as councillor he finds that neccessary now to state this I do not understand, especially as the Tories PPC is from Leeds with no stated local connections.

The only one above who lives in Pheasey is Steve Grey.

4 thoughts on “Local Election Candidates for Walsall

  1. Election Information
    If the Parliament itself resolves that it should be dissolved, with at least two-thirds of the Members (ie. 86 Members) voting in favour, the Presiding Officer proposes a date for an extraordinary general election and the Parliament is dissolved by the monarch by royal proclamation. In the current Parliament, elected in 2007, this can only happen if supported by the Scottish National Party as it has more than one-third of the Members (47 out of 129 Members equals 36.4%) and can therefore block a dissolution resolution unless 4 of its Members were to join with all opposition members to pass a dissolution resolution.

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  2. Hi Ian,
    I know that you want to move Pheasey/Park Farm out of Walsall, but looking at the post above this one i’m now seriously worried at just how far you really want to move our suburb!!!!!!!!
    Cheers, Steve.
    P.S. Are Alex Salmond’s pro-EU SNP nutters going to be putting up a candidate in PPF in next May’s local election?
    P.P.S. How can the SNP claim to be fighting for Scots independence, when all they will do is surrender power to Europe and turn Scotland into another EU slave nation.

  3. P.P.P.S.
    Thinking about it, i’d rather that Pheasey/Park Farm was a part of Scotland than a part of Birmingham.

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