What is Pheasey

I have lived on Pheasey all my life (coming up to 38 years) and I can not envisage a situation where I would ever leave.

Plenty of people would have seen Pheasey on buses (33, 997, 934) but actually not know where it is. Simply put we are part of Walsall Borough and yet the vast majority of us are Brummies, we go to Birmingham for recreation and work Briefly what happened was the countryside Pheasey was built on was part of Aldridge district and then in the local government reorganisation of 1974 Aldridge was made part of Walsall Council. Pheasey councillors were then asked whether they would like to be part of Walsall or Birmingham and as I said the vote was taken to be part of Walsall, the rumour was that they saw Walsall has a smaller pond and they would have more influence than the much larger Birmingham.

So this is where we are, one mile from J7 of the M6, just off the Queslett Road and just North of the ASDA

The estate is approximately 11000 in population and has two primary schools, one secondary school, three shopping parades, one church, a Community Centre, the Collingwood Centre, two pubs and a Chinese buffet !

It is now made up of entirely private housing but did have a number of council houses which were brought under the ‘right to buy’ scheme of the 80’s.

Phyiscally it is split into three distinct areas

Park Farm – West of the Beacon road

Doe Bank – area around Doe Bank Land

Pheasey – main part of the estate

You could also class the Nether Hall estate (built on the old St Margaret’s hospital) as a fourth part of Pheasey but as it has recently just been built it is actually seperate from the main estate but backs onto Park Farm.

All three areas have different characteristics with the more expensive housing on Park Farm and Doe Bank and Pheasey as the hub around the ‘Terminus’

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