A McDonald’s in Pheasey ?

Well I have been told an interesting rumour this week.

I stress it is ONLY A RUMOUR and I stress no planning permission has been put in.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about being asked about the old petrol station. Well Adrian Andrew confirmed at this stage no plans for that land. Today I received an email from someone I know but can not say who that a rumour is going around the estate that McDonald’s are looking at this site.

Personally I find this rumour rather far fetched for three different reasons

1) Whilst the Beacon and Queslett roads are busy it is not in the same class as other drive throughs are in.

2) The site is not big enough surely

3) The local residents there are far too close. Check other McDonalds and usually they are a fair distance from residents.

So lets see what happens with this one and I have to stress again, it is ONLY A RUMOUR that is going around the estate.

EDIT – 23/03/23 – anyone landing on this post please go to the newest post with a letter I sent to our local councillors. strange to think a decade on this rumour has now been confirmed …

this can NOT be allowed to happen on traffic grounds alone, health reasons or architectural reasons are not a consideration for myself.


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  1. hi

    we get these rumours all the time and expressing them through this media is not the best way to go about as rumours can sometimes end up being fact when it simply isnt true.

    we had a rumour once that an aldi or lidl had bought the site aswell as some houses there.

    we also had one about a KFC and it seems the dentist was such a rumour too!

    whoever your contact is they maybe confused with the queslett rd ex-service station as we have been contacted by an agent who wants to do something with that. i am sure that chris or mike will be able to find out as i am away. i have arranged a meeting with the agent for when i come back but strictly speaking it is in streetly ward.

    btw any idea for a drive through on either site will be fought tooth and nail.


    Best wishes
    Adrian Andrew

  2. hi

    YES IT’S TRUE there are mc’d people looking at the old station on the Pheasey. I saw them last week out with their cameras and doing a traffic survey.

  3. Why don’t they put it on the front of the nether hall the old gate house or the one that burnt down DONT put it on our road !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OK why after our councillors in newsletters (I still have) said the land was sold and planning for a new dentist was being asked is it now only a rumour did they lie in there newsletters ? Put that with the fiasco of the phone mas and now this indifference too major fast food outlet which would have a catastrophic effect on our community are they really fit to be our councillors?

  5. I’m sure that most, if not all, residents in Pheasey/Park Farm will be opposed to any fast food outlet being put on the former garage sites on the Queslett Road and the junctions of Moreton Avenue and Beacon Road. ‘I’m lovin’ it’? – Er, well no actually, i’m most definitely not.
    I’d say that most locals would really like to see the Queslett Road site returned to the green belt and three to five attractive houses built on the Moreton Road/Beacon Road site.

  6. There are far too many fast food outlets in both Pheasey and Streetly as it is, without adding one if not more of the national chains to the already saturated areas. During my childhood we had the odd chip shop and a couple of chinese takeaways on the Pheasey, we now have numerous chip shops serving the estate, cafes, asian restaurants a plenty along with all the pubs offering food in abundance. Why would we want a couple of American originated fast food outlets too? Crikey, i know the vile fans enmass will probably nowadays struggle to string a recipe together, however, us Staffordian Pheasey people sure as hell can. So why would we welcome and not despise the unveiling of either a MacDonalds or KFC on the estate or its border. They would simply take away trade from our already struggling fast food outlets, bring further litter issues as well as outsiders who are likely to be rowdy in the main. If it is a rumour, as i guess it is and only brought up to try to create a bit of interaction on this pretty quiet website, then that has to be good news, however, sadly there is generally no smoke without fire, so the people in power locally need to be looking in to this and doing something about it as the masses here no doubt, do NOT want it. The residents certainly need to keep an eye out and be ready to react and fight this to the bitter end.

  7. Hi Ian, I know that this talk of major fast food outlets looking at the two former garage sites is just rumour, but i think you were right to bring this matter to the attention of the local residents of our suburb. Better to begin discussing this now than maybe later, so well done yet again. I’d certainly heard nothing of this until your initial post on the subject. Hi Paul, it’s good to see another Pheasey/Park Farm Primary/Barr Beacon old boy and loyal Pheasey Albion Staffordian on here. Fine comment above, which i’m sure a

    • Rumours are rumours but I never believe they should be open to a privileged few. It is clear Adrian above has heard them but rather others were not aware of the news.

      Just on planning, well notice just how quiet it is about Great Barr Hall, you would expected a planning permission to have gone in by now ?? been nearly a year since we had news of any development. Any rumours there ?

  8. fair number of residents across Pheasey/Park Farm and amongst our good Staffordian near neighbours in Streetly will find common cause with.

  9. Hi Ian, i absolutely agree with you; it may well be only a rumour, but it needs to be fully open for local public discourse. Like yourself i’ve heard absolutely nothing for some time with regard to any kind of application/s relating to Great Barr Hall or Great Barr Park. Anyone else out in our suburb or further afield even that’s heard anything new about the Hall and park??

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