Birmingham Tunnel Closures – Further changes to Bus routes

This has just been released from National Express

Updates affecting: #33, 51, 907, 934, 935, 935A, 936, 952, 997 and X51

We have reviewed the effects of the tunnels closures on our services so far

We have carried out on-the-bus research, listened to your opinions and acted upon them

As a result, the Birchfield Road services, which diverted via the tunnel under Lancaster Circus, have now reverted to their normal route – inbound to city except during the afternoon peak

To Clarify:

Bus services including #33, 51, 907, 934, 935, 935A, 936, 952, 997 and X51 changed back to their normal inbound routes towards Birmingham city centre yesterday

This means these buses will serve their usual inbound stops at Price Street (X51 does not serve this) and Aston University (all services)

During the afternoon peak, Mondays to Fridays only, buses will continue to use the Lancaster Circus underpass to avoid the congestion on James Watt Queensway

Use of the underpass applies to all buses scheduled to leave Perry Barr (Wellhead Lane or Perry Barr Station) between 1530 and 1829 inclusive Mondays to Fridays only

Please contact Customer Service if you need more information on 0121 254 7272 Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm

Thank you

9 thoughts on “Birmingham Tunnel Closures – Further changes to Bus routes

  1. Yes, I noticed the return to the normal route on Sunday for the 997. I didn’t see any reason for the change as these services didn’t use the tunnels.

  2. So if this is correct we will have a KFC at the top of the estate, and a McDonalds at the bottom and our councillors are saying don’t worry as one is not on Pheasey ( by the deer leap) and the other they think nothing will happen !!! is that not just THEYI DON’T CARE they only want your vote once a year!!!

  3. Going into Birmingham on Sunday afternoon I waited for the 997 bus at the shelter in Collingwood Drive/Beacon Road that it currently uses to travel to Birmingham. However the timetable in the shelter said 997 ‘Birmingham to Walsall’. The date for the timetable was 1st Sepember 2013. The shelter across the road displayed the Walsall to B’ham route. Do National Express have plans to change the 997 route again? As a result of the petition? The driver of the bus I caught knew nothing. Timetables in the wrong shelters (a regular occurrence) or a planned change to route? Anyone know anything?

    • I noticed that a couple of weeks back Duncan and got confused by it. My guess is that the time table has not been changed. I will ask via twitter Nat Express to comment.

      • Hi Duncan,

        NetworkWM got back with this update

        networkwm mentioned you
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        networkwm @networkwm

        @pheaseyviews Thanks for this. We will investigate your comments and come back to you.

        Will update you when they come back.

      • Thanks Ian. I’ve also noticed that the real-time displays in the bus shelter I mentioned never shows the 997 times but the one opposite shows the times in both directions! Poor communication between those who amend the routes and update the computer perhaps? Is it CENTRO or NEx who are responsible for timetable info and real-time displays?

  4. Very quick reply back from Centro Duncan

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    networkwm @networkwm

    @pheaseyviews Timetables in Collingwood Drive to be reprinted due to error. Bus services back to pre tunnel routes from 02/09/2013.

    It is this kind of thing that is so easy to sort out but people often just leave it.

    • Thanks again. I would have contacted CENTRO myself but my recent experiences of them over the inaccuracy of 997 timetables have met with buck passing and inaction so I am reluctant to deal with their (in my recent experience) unresponsive attitude – certainly by e-mail anyway!

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