Pheasey’s own Brewery

As a member of CAMRA this story of a new Micro brewery interests me a lot. Jez Couzens has started up his own brewery on our estate !! I wish him well in this venture and hope the local pubs may look at taking on his brews !

Jez can be contacted on

This is the reason behind Jez’s decision to become a brewer.


My inspiration and idea’s for home brewing are really down to my big brother, Jonathan Couzens.
He brew’s craft ales under the name of ‘Beer and Loathing brewery with two friends, Will and Ryan in his home town of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last September I arrived home from a birthday celebration/vacation with my family in the U.S. There we visited and celebrated my big Brothers 40th Birthday in Henderson, which is where he lives with his wife Lindsay.

A week before the celebrations, we all visited San Diego, California for a couple of days and stayed at Oceanside over looking the Pacific Ocean. The city has over 60 craft breweries and was recently named “Top Beer Town” in California.

We visited two of the best and most popular craft breweries, Stone and Green Flash. There I tasted some of the best beer I’d ever tasted! These breweries produce amazing craft ales for the whole of the U.S and some of the European market. They have great taste, aroma, strength and body. Once you’ve tried a craft ale, fizzy yellow tasteless beer will never pass you lips again.

After seeing my brothers ventures in beer and receiving plenty of help and ideas, I wanted to try and introduce craft ale to the ‘Pheasey’.

At first I tried beer kits which were ok and I got good ‘virgin brewer’ result, but now I use recipes which only contain malts, water, yeast and plenty of hops which give them a vibrant aroma and flavour.

Hope you like my story behind the inspiration to create my beer and nano brewery.

Jez Couzens

CEO of Breezy Pheasey Brewery.

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