Final Boundary Review for Pheasey

The boundary review concluded today and we are in the seat of Walsall and Oscott as below

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 13.12.24.png

This includes the following wards

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 13.15.31

So from the old Walsall South Wards we have lost Darlaston and Bentley, Darlaston South and Pleck and gained Blakenhall, Birchills and Oscott from Birmingham.

First lets state these plans were based on a 2011 which is way out of date and this mad idea by the Tories of cutting MP numbers whilst House of Lords continue to grow and grow.

This has resulted in a mainly Walsall ward a very large Birmingham ward being placed with us which at council level have no say with each other. Oscott deserves to be with Birmingham, it is A BIRMINGHAM ward but the Tories don’t care in this Gerrymandering of seats.

If you have a complaint about this then please address them to the three tory councillors who like to pretend their role in this is somehow away from the reality. Especially a few years ago when they organised a petition through Chris Towe to claim we were moving into Birmingham to rile up a section of population, this was a LIE.

If they really cared, then they would propose a fair system of Proportional Representation voting where every vote counts towards the MP’s and representatives that really reflect an area’s wishes.

So the final step is for parliament to vote on this, and the Tories likely with DUP support will win and the obscenity then becomes law.

2 thoughts on “Final Boundary Review for Pheasey

  1. This is hardly an obscenity, that would have been the previous attempt which wanted to join us with Erdington which Jack Dromey is on record as saying it was a bad move. Ideally we would have joined Aldridge Brownhills as per pre-1983 days but this is a better option than the Erdington plan. I agree that parliamentary seats that have wards from two different councils in them is not ideal.

    I wonder if Valerie Vaz is regretting her comments about being happy to lose Pheasey/Park Farm from her Walsall South seat as although the name will probably change much of her former constituency is still there!

    • she would not care to be honest, as this would still be a safe Labour seat but Pleck was a base for her which she has now lost. IF this goes ahead (and I doubt it) the influence of Birmingham councillors and members would be fascinating to see as they would hate this and cause a lot of internal strife. And IMHO rightly so, from what I can tell Birmingham is the only City for this to happen where wards are lost to wider greater seats outside the City.

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