Collingwood Surgery change of ownership – lower services ?

A few weeks ago I flagged up the review that was happening with Walsall primary care and the loss of services Pheasey would see through the Collingwood Centre.

Well today I went in and noticed it is owned now by the The Practice Group – LINK It seems a few of the old Phoenix Care group that was in the Walsall review have gone to this new service so they have took us over it seems.

No news on this from the surgery or Walsall Clinical Commission Group which is shocking for patients. However in the surgery they now flag up the hub is now based in Bloxwich, so if you want a Saturday or Friday Afternoon service we have to travel all the way over there.

Yes I could move to Great Barr surgery but I like the local one to me to be the best it can be.

The news details on – The Practice Group are not good – LINK


2 thoughts on “Collingwood Surgery change of ownership – lower services ?

  1. On the screen in the receptionist waiting room I noticed the tv screen made mention of The Practice Group but did not connect it to a take over. Bloxwich is too far to go for most patients – Aldridge would have been bad enough, so people will go to Sandwell or Good Hope A&E instead which isn’t the solution either.

    • they sneaked it in. Remeber this only affects Friday afternoon and Sat morning patients which tended to be those who booked in advance but when you read the history of this group I can not be positive about the future

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