Yet more atrocious parking at Beacon and boundary rant !

For a couple of weeks I have not seen any issue at the school and then today ?

Well a bit of rain and all of a sudden as bad as ever. Look at this video here and count the cars ILLEGALLY parking. Not the car at the end of Old Hall Lane, parked as inconsiderately as you can be.


There is nothing the school can do it is up to the council and police.

Is anyone going to take notice of this and enforce the law ?

A couple of days ago the boundary commission again release more of their reviews. This has been happening since I first mentioned it since 2010 and each the local Tories moan. Yet this one is plain ridiculous at their moaning. Pheasey has been kew int effectively the old Walsall South seat with Leamore and Oscott added in.

UPDATE – Informed that yesterday was YEAR 11 and wardens were out issuing tickets at 5PM or so. The school sent the following text to year 11 parents who had a progress meeting

ā€œY11 Progress Evening – limited parking at the top of the school or use the Leisure centre car park. Warning – a traffic warden is based on Old Hall Lane.ā€


Yet Adrian Andrew says he is relived that we are in Walsall ignoring that a quarter of the voters of now Walsall & Oscott are now in a Walsall seat. Basically he says the review is horrific and he is spot on. The review is false one based on old data and wards. In fact his own party should kill it and yet this farce and WASTE of public CASH is still going on.

Basically it will never happen as the DUP who hold the balance of power at Westminster will be projected to lose 3 seats and Sinn Fein become the largest party in Northern Ireland.

So why does Adrian and his colleagues not call it for what it is ?

3 thoughts on “Yet more atrocious parking at Beacon and boundary rant !

  1. Ian, I’m afraid I disagree with your boundary rant. I would have preferred re-joining Aldridge Brownhills but staying in Walsall with the addition of Oscott (with which the ward has historic links) seems preferable to moving in with Birmingham Erdington (where we have no links at all). We stay in the Walsall council area and parliamentary area (in part). Of course Ms Vaz didn’t want us to stay in Walsall South or otherwise as the polling demographic suggests she didn’t gain as many votes from Pheasey Park Farm and Orchard Hills as she did from the remainder of her current Walsall South constituency. We shall see if this solution gets approval as it is subject to Westminster politics as you say.

    • The numbers will never mean us going to Aldridge without massive changes elsewhere. As to whether it goes through, it is based on old registers of at least 8 years old and in Birmingham wards that no longer exist. It will fail as for example the Tories will lose one MP in Walsaa and since they had this idea the political map has changed.

      When doing analysis independent people like Electoral Calculus now say Labour will gain more than Tories despite loss of Welsh seats.My favoured solution is that you review every year after the census and base seats on 650 of 65 million people and 100k per seat and with flexibility so no ward is out side of their own Council area.

  2. Like Duncan i’d have preferred to see Pheasey/Park Farm placed back inside the Aldridge/Brownhills Constituency, where there are strong historic Staffordshire links; But i’d much rather see our suburb, Leamore and our good neighbours in Oscott inside a new Walsall/Oscott seat, than be forced into the Birmingham Erdington Constituency, where there are of course no historic links.

    Staffordshire For Aye! – Abolish the ‘Enforced Areas EU Quango’ (otherwise known as the West Midlands).

    With regard to the continuing issues relating to parking problems around Barr Beacon school, I agree with Ian; Walsall police need to be much more pro-active in dealing with the situation. Some of the parking I’ve witnessed on Old Hall Lane, Beacon Road, Wimperis Way and Waverley Avenue is inconsiderate at best and in more than a few instances, downright dangerous. I recently passed one idiot parked up right on the curve of the left hand side of the junction leading out of Wimperis Way on to Beacon Road!

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