Pheasey Childrens Centres under threat #Walsall #govtcuts

I have been informed of a note gone out to Meadow view and Pheasey Childrens Centre users of big changes to come. Basically as you will be aware councils forced to by central govt to have massive grant cuts and if you remember a couple of years ago Pheasey’s centre was under serious threat.

However over the time the issue has got even more serious and the inevitable has come where a lot of resources will be cut or privatised. Privatisation will mean less wages for staff and higher fees for parents of course.

There are three options to this from what I have seen and none are good for parents who use this service instead of expensive private provision.

However what I do see are parents complaining, well I ask who you voted for at the General and Local elections. This is a political decision to cut funding, lets be clear about that. Lets be clear the local councillors will of course get on the band wagon and try and save a service they as elected Conservative Party reps campaigned for in May 2015.

So before Adrian comes on here whining it is not fair can he confirm he voted for Wendy Morton in 2015 who of course supported the latest round of cuts to local govt and education funding.

I should make it clear that the Centre has been under school control for two years now. Previously it was under the Sure Start programme which the govt callously cut and meant Pheasey had to try on their own along with Meadow View. they have tried their best but the economics are the economics of it.

We should remember the three local schools are due to lose funding as well and will mean teachers will be sacked as I posted a few weeks ago.

Desperate times.


4 thoughts on “Pheasey Childrens Centres under threat #Walsall #govtcuts

  1. Ian in our meeting with the school on Monday afternoon, the first time we had been made aware of the situation, cuts in funding is not the reason for these changes. It is for the governors and head teacher to advise the community on the reasons but please again get your facts right before making assumptions.

    • So when the letter starts with

      “Due to serious financial concerns ….”

      That is nothing to do with the massive cuts your Party has forced on councils and the children centre system ?

      Absolutely nothing at all ??

      I want politicians to be honest here Adrian, so will you just admit the cuts are a major concern (remembering the system was state funded from the started and funded by Labour 1997-2010) and that the previous threat to close was only narrowly avoided and that was nothing to do with cuts.

      Forget trying to be elected here and just be honest with us as voters ?

      See part of the reason I left Labour was I could not be honest and say I supported the leader because he is an idiot, no hiding behind words for me.

  2. Ian if I was in a position to tell you the facts then I would but it is down to the governors and the Head. Note it says financial concerns if it was cuts why not just say cuts.

    The cuts to local government have caused problems across the board but on this occasion we are told it is not the case. If we started debating the past on here with you going back 20 years we could get into all sorts of issues such as ” “dampening” which cost Walsall Millions but I don’t think that would serve any purpose.

  3. typical politician speak,blame someone else,even 20yonks ago,its down to mates of t mays hubby and more ,billionaires who pay no tax yet use the country D.Mail owner,telegraph,Sun etc.all offshore (sic) All the papers profits go offshore,with the banks. Who pays ? us, our kids.,55 billion was being knowingly got away with in tax in 2012,get your mates to do something Adrian? YES FAT our schools ,NHS etc. suffer,it will not change.

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