Yet More accidents on the #Queslett, will #birmingham and #walsall do anything ? #greatbarr

Yet again the Great Barr Observer is reporting more crashes not he Queslett Road – LINK

This time on the same day and within metres of each other on the Old Horns island. Casualties taken to A&E, ambulances called, all resources being used and no shock.

Basically the road is far too fast from the Old Horns to Shell Garage and the following simply has to happen before we get real serious injuries.

  • Traffic calming, narrow the lanes create the illusion of cramped space – works elsewhere
  • Average speed cameras at each of the Islands, since traffic camera at Deers Leap was stopped speeds are really increased
  • More regular WM police traffic patrols and spot checks

I travel on this road so much it is obvious what happens. Coming down Collingwood to get across and see the cars edging from Asda, looking to save valuable seconds, it is awful … Come from Kingstanding and drive/ride straight across to Collingwood and how many times do you think someone will shoot across ?

Yes we have idiots not he roads but far too many people believe this ‘war on motorist’ crap some will spurt out. No it is about keeping people safe and wishing the rules, it is usually not the speeder and rule breaker that suffers.

Why not do something now before it is you or one of your loved ones suffer, too late then.