Pheasey Library to Close – Just announced #Walsall Council Tax up by 5%

Just been announced at the Walsall council leadership press conference that after consultation the 9 libraries marked for closure will close. (thanks to Rob Mayor at Express and Star for covering it).

These are Beechdale, Blakenhall,New Invention, Pelsall, Pleck. Pheasey, Rushall and South Walsall and Walsall Wood.

This is desperate awful news but sadly inevitable, Note these are evenly split between Tory and Labour seats so no one can claim that they are politically motivated.

Also on top of this is a 5% rise in Council tax which for me personally will mean an extra £7 a month.

No-one should be under any doubts why this happening, I would not blame the Labour leadership nor even the Tories locally, this is all to do with NATIONAL Tory govt cuts. Simply the money for anything outside statuary services is running out, m there is no cash left.

It will only get worse.

9 thoughts on “Pheasey Library to Close – Just announced #Walsall Council Tax up by 5%

  1. It’s very sad news indeed that we are to lose 9 of our branch libraries. I joined Pheasey/Park Farm library circa 1968 and i’m still a member in 2017. I visited our excellent library just this afternoon and i’ll be very sorry to see it close, as i’m sure will many other local residents across our suburb.

    • There are a lot of young and old people that use Pheasey Library who will not be able to go the the town center one.

  2. Very sad news all round. The government can “Quantitive Ease” the ban(k)dits that through greed miss used the money of the people, rather than let them sink and throw the crooks in jail. (Look at Iceland). But the services the locals rely on can whither and die. Which one will have the most devastating result on the future of the people of this fine country?

    • The truth Adrian – both … I have been very tempted to reply to the nonsense quotes Towe sent out but those who know politics will see through his crying for children.

      After all whilst in cabinet the very same councillors voted to destroy the children’s centres and sure start which was the main cause for the problems now they pretend to care for.

      However if the banks were not rescued then the depression we would have seen would have destroyed most of our lives as it did in the 30’s. Remember it was Brown who did that and the Tories were against, not that Osborne or Cameron accepted that, there was no other choice once the US saw the impact of letting go of Leman brothers.

      Iceland is massively different because simply put banks in UK/US were too big to fail and if RBS had been let go (as the biggest) it would have been a disaster.

      However Labour 2010 and 2015 wanted cuts but much slower and anyway the Tory cuts failed. Now with the costs of Brexit, high inflation etc their policy of a balanced budget is a total joke, not that any Tory will ever admit that.

      Oh before anyone says Labour’s so called economic policy is a total disaster with the IRA loving twosome in charge.

      LD’s irrelevant

      UKIP, well total nonsense, like in France we need a new political party.

  3. No! a new political system ,not this un democratic safety net for selfish politicians and their non tax paying mates,a new party,no chance with suckers buying papers and the BBC in hoc to gov.

    • With you on that and like we saw in Trump the parties know that and play to base instincts.

      If you want to blame someone for your problems, look at the mirror first. If you voted Tory at the 2015 elections, this was inevitable, so don’t moan now.

      Of do people not understand what cuts mean ?

  4. Actually banks go bust all of the time. What they do is put all of the “toxic” waste into a “new” bank and let that go bust, then the original bank can carry on.

  5. read what I said carefully Ian,do I seem like a tory voter? whichever mirror you look in ordinary joe gets stuffed by the wealthy,like paper owners, and accountants big 5 and finance people,and titled types,our voting system will not allow change!

    • thats the last thing you are DJ but I am pointing out for change to happen then people who vote Tory in this instance have to be honest with themselves.

      you only get change once people realise they were wrong, I did and I totally agree with you 100%.

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