The Hypocrisy of Walsall Council

Well Thursday is our bin day and we have some neighbours who insist on leaving black bags. Seen this before but now I am ANGRY.

Three black bin bags left behind by the bin men.


Now I know this is one my neighbours but surely the Council should not leave these behind. Big push going on about fly tipping and I see this outside my house, it is not on and it is hypocrisy. Yes if some neighbour is inconsiderate then deal with them, open the bag up see if you can identify who it is.

What I am supposed to do, confront my neighbours over this ?

This will be tweeted to Walsall Council, Green team and Cllr Lee Jeavons, deputy leader.

One thought on “The Hypocrisy of Walsall Council

  1. I had an interesting discussion last night and maybe I was a bit harsh on the council. However today they came and cleared up the mess and told them who I thought was to blame.

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