Pheasey School Cuts and Petitions against cuts

I came across this Schools Cuts website a couple of days ago – LINK

For all the three schools in our area it shows the cuts that will have be enforced.

These cuts are due to the funding change this government are enforcing and re allocating money from Urban areas to the Shire counties and look at the difference it will make to our kids. Fewer teachers will mean larger class sizes and poorer teaching standards.

Now we can in these ‘post truth’ times blame other things, EU, Immigrants, past labour and Tory governments but these are political choices in allocation of resources.

So added to this doing shopping today in the local shops and a petition is going around protesting about cuts to the Youth service and Libraries I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. This petition has no name of who is organising it and does not explain these cuts have to be done because of central govt funding cuts. Every council has had to make decisions, including Walsall. Remember our bin collections have been cut and this was backed by both Tory and Labour parties locally.

What we have is of course an inevitable reaction I would agree with, I don’t support any cuts, I don’t believe they are needed. However the choices for any council are limited once you have to provide statutory services like child protection, Elderly and social care etc.

If the organisers of this petition could step forward it would be great because unless they offer a solution it is pointless.