Yet another accident at the Trees Island

Just been informed of yet another accident on the Trees Island (refuse to call it buffet island, what an awful name and food !!). this is of course resulting in delays.

This seems like now a regular run of accidents at this location. who can be surprised ?

Maybe it is because the road is split between two councils or maybe because the council removed the speed camera but we desperately need speed reduction measures there. Just stand there for 10 minutes at rush hour and watch the traffic and surely you can see the problem.

Anyone who drives past it or like myself cycles it knows with a major dual carriageway and multiple exits and entries that this Island is not fit for purpose and will anyone do something until deaths there ?

Or is this another case of car is king and lets for the sake of delaying for a few seconds put people’s lives at risk ?

One thought on “Yet another accident at the Trees Island

  1. There have been deaths as a result of this island. I lived on Queslett Road for 17 years and several cars over that time drove over the central reservation into the paths of oncoming vehicles. As a direct result of one of these incidents, an elderly couple died in hospital of their injuries less than a week later. I had to attend Coroner’s Court as a witness as I assisted at the scene

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