Planning Permission Granted – Phone Mast

Dave asked when I revived the blog about the planned phone mast on Hillingford Avenue. At the time I thought it was still an ongoing process however it has been brought to my attention that it passed permission 3 months ago.


I am sure this delight some residents near the old one and dismay others on Hillingfor Avenue.

Of course i should declare that my house almost backs onto this mast and funny enough where has Adrian Andrew been about this.

Remember him being in the Great Barr Observer moaning as he does, about this mast and yet strangely quiet now.

Oh for clarification of doubt I am for this mast as the 4G coverage around here is pathetic and other operators will be using this, just that Vodafone operates it.

2 thoughts on “Planning Permission Granted – Phone Mast

  1. For your information Ian, and I am at a loss why you are being so acerbic in your comments, but I was at the planning meeting and spoke against the application but I have to tell you there were hardly any objections to the mast. The recent application was an extension by three months for the time they have to remove the Waverly Mast once Hillingford is installed – one of the issues that concerns me in terms of ending up with two masts but the planning committee approved the appliaction and in full disclosure Mike Bird moved approval with a condition that a permanent dome hawk camera be installed as part of the installation of the Hillingford Mast.

    • course they were no objections, the people up here lets say are less worried. The mast on beacon road had to do with position not whether it hurts your brain and other nonsense like that.

      But you did have your picture taken with people next to it complaining not sure any lived actually close to it as of course the location was rather isolated. So I am glad now we get a chance for better 4G reception, thats progress ?

      Thing is Adrian, this was passed 3 months ago so why is it I only find out by searching for it ?

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