More budget consultations

During my time away we saw the settlement for Walsall Council from central govt that is mirrored across all our neighbours in Sandwell, Birmingham etc.

Walsall Council under Labour have put forward their plans and you can have you say HERE 

I am not going to bother to put my views forward and you may ask why ?

Frankly the cuts now are so large, the low hanging fruit has gone that if I say lets save the library where the heck can that money come from ? The library was only saved last time by basically a loan (and the others saved) that this as you know can not continue.

The Tories themselves with Mike Bird understand the impact of the latest cuts. They may try and save their favourite bits but generally it has to be done because the law does not allow setting of illegal budgets.

So have you say but when you do please try and suggest where the money can be saved because otherwise it is pointless.

Thanks to Bloxwich News Network for highlighting this.