Time to revive this blog !!

A lot has happened to me in the last few years, mainly positive but I do think it is time to revive this blog.

I have never been away really and a lot has happened both politically and locally.

On a personal level, I left the Labour party about a month ago after being a loyal member and branch treasurer. Let me first say the local people are fantastic, every single one of them, I have not left because of them.

I left because I couldn’t defend an IRA sympathiser as Labour leader and his mates who believe the IRA are heroes. Everytime I walk in Brum on New Street you are reminded what happened there 40 years ago, I can’t defend him or anyone who believes that was justified action.

However my actual politics has not changed !

Locally, we saw thank god the good decision by BCC to reject Aldi plans. I know some Pheasey residents wanted it but it was total nonsense to put another one there, when on a simply line between Scotts and New Oscott any Pheasey resident by bus or car could easily go to one. We for instance go to the Scott’s one, anyone shopping at Asda buying brand produce is mad in my thoughts !!

We also saw the new MP boundary rules, more of that later.

We saw the permission of building at Foxhills, inevitable due to the revised planning laws brought in by the govt, the whinging of local councillors was particularly sickening to see.

We also have seen the plans to build on Gt Barr Hall collapse and of course now the whole site is open once again and some of the reported behaviour is inevitable. If you want that area secured, there is no public money for this, so every night I can hear bloody dirt bikes, I can guess where at.

So a lot happening but a word about one positive. Warwick’s butchers, always been a great fan but the quality of food is fantastic and not expensive. I am not paid by Warwick for saying this but go to Asda and get your meat, but you are getting utter crap.



5 thoughts on “Time to revive this blog !!

  1. Welcome back Ian. I have missed your blog over the months. Look forwad to being able to comment on issues in the future.

  2. You don’t turn your back on a party just because you don’t like the leader just as you wouldn’t turn your back on your football club just because you don’t like the manager/owner. Or maybe some would.

    For me you still stand and fight for what you believe in.

  3. Hello again ,what about mobile phone reception on Pheasey/PFarm and the supposed new mast by arch non tax payers Voidafone,is it happening?

    • Good question as the new plans for the mast are of course to move it from Nisa to by Beacon Church, I live behind it.

      My own stance was against the mast by NISA as totally inapprioate location stuck on the footpath etc. This one I have no objections to and I live what 75M from the proposed mast …

      Why no objection ? Well little scientific evidence to show it causes problems and I am not an hypocrite who uses his phone all the time and the reception around here is rubbish for most operators. I use EE and get max 1/2 bars on 4G.

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