Aldi meeting tomorrow

A reminder that Aldi will be at the Community Centre between 3 and 7PM for anyone to discuss the plans.

The latest drawing shows that the entrance is likely to be off the Old Horns Crescent past the entrance of Asda. This would allow people to turn right onto the land with no real traffic coming the other way.

The latest drawing is HERE on the Great Barr Observer.

NB the brea in the central reservation just before cars turn right for Asda, that is a receipt for disaster.

The problem is not that but simply the extra traffic Aldi would attract. Yes for sure they would attract some of the traffic to Asda now but they themselves admit they would attract current customers from the other two nearby Aldi’s this is extra traffic.

Extra Traffic the area can not manage as we all know who leave locally and use the Island. This is not only at Peak times but also try Saturday and Sunday mornings as well.

I have seen a couple of snobbish comments from people. I would remind those that Aldi attracts people from all walks of life. Go to the Scotts and look at all the Merc’s BMW’s etc on the car park.

We shop at Aldi and nothing against the store at all just the location and the impact on the Queslett is the issue.