Aldi to come to Queslett ? Asda closing ?

Ashley Preece from the Great Barr Observer has tweeted this very important story for the area.

ALDI to build a new store next to ASDA

This is of course dressed up in much needed jobs but I say NO to this application without any question. We use Aldi at New Oscott or Scott Arms, so why is one needed next to ASDA on what is already a very busy road.

In fact at peak times the island is almost impassable (it does need traffic lights) and to add even more traffic is pure nonsense. I do not have at the moment the application link on the Birmingham Council website.

However I do wonder ?? Remember I published rumours of Asda closing, well this has never been clarified and still they persist. We went down last week and the stock levels in there were appalling, it has got the feel of something happening.

Could it be if Aldi build there, Asda closes, therefore the traffic conditions could get better ?

There is a consultation on the 14th January and I will try and get there and urge residents of Pheasey to be against this stupidity (if Asda stays open).

4 thoughts on “Aldi to come to Queslett ? Asda closing ?

  1. The rumours of ASDA moving are not true and will be watching the application closely.

    Residents must have their views heard and essential that Birmingham Planning Depatment take on our views as immediate neighbours.

    • On Asda they won’t like it but competition is not a reason to reject a proposal is it ?

      As the Island in particular is jointly managed then I think Aldi have shown by holding the roadshow at the CC that they are talking to us. I just wished they could have gave more time. This impacts a greater area than just the nearby residents that received the letters.

      I go to work now at half 6 int he morning and from the Horns can take me up to 5 minutes even early morning to get past the Asda lights. OK Aldi traffic is not at that time but would be later on int he day and esp Sat mornings.

  2. This is yet again another application to build on more land this is now the 4th piece of land I know of having applications and all within a mile. Why not take all yhe little amount of greenery we have left! With this new Aldi means I will have 4 in such a small space as well as asda & tesco!

    • This is not green belt land and thus is not protected Charlotte. This is not similar to the proposal at Foxhills or Netherhall and more in line with the building work that was passed on the golf range (which I loved !!).

      Aldi are a very interesting company, they never go in for complicated planning, their stores have always been accepted reasonably easy. For them this is quite a departure in the way they work, that is for sure.

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