Inconsiderate Parking

If I have one major bug bear it is inconsiderate people and the example I will show is perfect. Now I am a car driver but also a pedestrian, dog walker, cyclist and when my daughter was younger a wheel chair user.

So I use the roads a lot and I hope in all I do I have consideration for others. When what did I find outside the Collingwood Centre this morning – THIS.

OK the pavement thankfully is wide there but there is no excuse or reason for this. I counted at least ten cars in total all parked on the pavement.

This is simply not acceptable and I will ask Walsall Council to look at this.

3 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Parking

  1. could do with more pavement parking,there has been a spate of break-ins on Park Farm,on UPVC doors,using lock snapping or bumping methods,(from OOp north)which takes seconds,for entry and theft of car keys,so if drives are blocked cars cannot be stolen,alternatively update door locks to anti snap types.

    • saw a piece last night about the issues on Park Farm and will reply to that shortly. However not sure that can be used as an excuse for inconsiderate parking ?

  2. Parking on Pfarm is a general problem due to tiny pavements in places,just about wide enough for 2 to walk side by side,and roads made I would suggest made to illegal widths in places and allowed by Aldridge/Brownhills as it was then,if you dont park on pavements,cant get milk float,or ambulance or fire engines past let alone a car,so we am snookered up here!

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