WMCA – the undermining of Democracy

Today we have heard the news I have feared. The govt’s plans for devolution have been approved by all parties in local government and the unelected LEP’s.

What this means is a Mayor for the West Midlands will be forced upon the residents with no one asking our views. When in fact Brummies were asked they rejected the Mayor idea overwhelming.

It is a sad day when politicians of all colours are so desperate for a bit of cash they forgo their democratic ideals to have this forced on his. Remember this Government promoted localism and no one has asked us, the residents of the West Mids if we agree.

Some will point out the benefits but most of these could be given to the councils anyway. Plus if the government believes in real devolution then why not have a West Midlands County Council again and reduce the councils to the level of town councils ?

I have no problem with regional government at all but that needs proper full devolution from Westminster to the level of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments (remember the West Midlands and wider into Staffordshire etc) in terms of population is the same as Wales. What is the govt scare of, losing power ??

That means people vote for people to lead us. I wonder how many of the council leaders fancy being the Mayor eh ?

So no for the residents of Pheasey we have an extra layer of government we did not vote for, that is not democracy.

3 thoughts on “WMCA – the undermining of Democracy

  1. Hi Ian,
    All political parties do not support a ‘Greater Birmingham’ nor having an elected Mayor forced upon us. It is official UKIP policy to oppose the creation of a ‘Greater Birmingham’ or the ‘West Midlands Combined Authority’ to give this affront to democracy the title that the FibLabConGreens are ‘currently’ using for it.
    All Local UKIP Councillors and MEP’s are against the formation of this European Union inspired body; UKIP vigorously campaigned against the creation of this entity at the last round of elections and will do so again in next May’s Local Elections.
    This latest fraud being committed against the people of the Black Country, Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull etc has it’s roots in the corrupt European Union Parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg. There is an actual office for ‘Greater Birmingham’ inside the EU Parliament building in Brussels.
    There are also a number of EU directives for the creation of a ‘Greater Birmingham’/WMCA and the position of an elected Mayor for the entity; just as there are EU directives for the EU M6 Toll Road and the EU HS2 High Speed Railway.
    As you correctly state, our good neighbours over the border in Birmingham were asked whether or not they wanted an elected Mayor in the not too distant past; and they very sensibly rejected the proposition at the ballot box by some margin.
    UKIP strongly believe that all citizens affected by these impositions should be given a referendum on whether or not they want a combined authority; and the rotten overpaid jobsworth Mayor that goes with this fait accompli now being perpetrated by the anti-British, pro-EU FibLabConGreens.

  2. what democracy is this? 24% of valid electorate in UK voted for this shower leading us now,and with turkeys and Xmas in mind ,I see no change,we are a laughing stock in the democratic world with our “democracy” of the minorities!

  3. Hi DJ,
    With regard to the ‘Greater Birmingham’ Combined Authority; the subject of this particular post. It is not just supported by Cameron’s Tories; but by spoilt, posh toff Corbyn’s Euro-Labour Tories, Farron’s Fib-Dem Tories and Bennett’s Green Tories. Only UKIP Councillors and UKIP MEP’s oppose this threat to our local democracy.

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