Three Coverage in Pheasey

My wife is on Three and we have had serious coverage issues in Pheasey and about a mile radius.

After some thinking we have now cancelled the contract and quite a few others have as they have a very fair policy on that. So if you are on Three and having these issues (as I speak the phone shows no coverage) then ring up Three and they will cancel.

Oh and this has nothing to do with the mast by the NISA as the service was fine until about three months ago.

Three have acknowledged that there is a major technical fault in the area.



3 thoughts on “Three Coverage in Pheasey

  1. Any news on my observation posted under politics,could be related,we tend to be overlooked with little serious help until it suits our reps. Or as Mr.Bird implies if you are not happy buy the farm or in this case a mast !

  2. also virgin mobile is at times a nightmare to try and use up PFarm ,emergency calls only ,more common than not,and problems began when the mast went up,after years of no trouble.

  3. I have noticed that my reception has got worse on EE in certain areas as well. This is nothing to do with the mast but clearly some kind of problem with existing services ?

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