Pheasey Library saved for one year, children’s centre to close

The Council budget meeting is ongoing but there have been some agreement between Tory and Labour on three areas.

These services for one year are to be saved from reserves.

1) The current green waste collection

2) All Libraries planned to close have on year extension

3) Street Cleaning services not to be cut.

As I type (21:10) this looks like a deal because Labour never had the votes to carry the budget and Tories needed something to show for their campaigning. However Pheasey Children’s Centre is still to close and I personally devastated over this one as kids are our future and my daughter loved it there. This was a key service provided by Labour in power and now most in Walsall to close because of Tory cuts.

Yes it is a short term fix for 12 months because next year the cash still has to be saved and what happens then, reserves for current spending is NEVER a good idea.

Because eventually the lack of cash ALWAYS catches up.

EDIT 22:20 – The budget has now been passed and those changes have been confirmed