Walsall Council Budget Consultation

You may be aware of this but it is unlikely most people of Pheasey are.

Walsall Council are not consulting on the budget for 2015-16 and the details are HERE

I have only just been made aware of this so how many of you would know ? Please note the nearest one to go to is tomorrow at Aldridge between 10AM and 12PM. I have asked the council on my Twitter feed why we do not have one here, I can not remember if we had one last year or not.

If you can not go then of course please get in touch with the local councillors to put your views across, that is what they are there for !


UPDATE 12:00

John Morris, Area Partnership manager has kindly just posted this on Facebook

Hi Ian, just to let you know, I was giving out the budget postcards on Saturday at the Collingwood Fun Day and I’ve just got back from the Coffee Morning at Beacon Church, where I gave out more cards. Although there arent any formal events for the budget consultation in Pheasey, I am more than happy to meet with people / give out the postcards if anyone wants to get involved. Hope that helps…

8 thoughts on “Walsall Council Budget Consultation

  1. Cllr Andrews x duty leader of the councillor, x the chair of regeneration realised that he had spent so much money over the last 14 years in control of Walsall council that it is on the verge of bankruptcy so what did you do ? you refused to vote to keep you in power so that as a good politico you can as you say “You wanted a Labour Council – already forgotten Pheasey Park Farm” at last they are doing something like “cutting the pay increases you put in for your selves when in power” so tell me are you truly the person that i can trust as you run away from any real issues by not voting to keep yourself in power at least Chris stood by his principles and voted to try and stay in power.

  2. James are you saying that Andrews did not vote to keep conservative controll of the council if that’s the case why did you vote for for them last year, wasn’t it a wast vote?

    • Dave, to confirm what happened, I did post about it after the vote.

      Labour put forward a motion to replace then Council Leader Mike Bird with Labour Leader Sean Coughlan.

      Labour won the vote with some Conservatives abstaining including Mike Bird and Adrian Andrew. What you make of that is up to you but obviously from our political point of view in the local Labour party we made our own conclusion on this.

      I have yet to see an explanation from Mike or Adrian in why they voted as they did. Chris Towe explained why he voted against the motion in his letter in the Gt Barr Observer last Friday.

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