Opting out of selling your medical records

Whilst not a local issue, I do believe the people of Pheasey Park Farm need to have the information on hand about how to do this.

You may have heard of a plan to transfer your medical records to a database called care.data. This database will contain your records anonymously but I personally believe in the security of your information is paramount and no one has the right to sell your data.

Apparently a free leaflet was sent out on how to opt out of this but I certainly never received it, did you ?

Well let me show you towards THIS LINK which tells you how you can opt out. I used this for all the family to give to the Collingwood surgery at which they already had a fair amount of paper it seemed.

This should be one of the situations where you opt in and I do urge people to opt out.

This post was inspired by the Pig Blog HERE and it shows the concerns that people do have

3 thoughts on “Opting out of selling your medical records

  1. I received a leaflet. The general tenor of the text was that it was good to share the data. It did mention opt outs however if you didn’t want your records to be included. I was more concerned with third party organisations such as pharmaceutical companies or insurances companies using my data for profit rather than for the ddvancement of medical science and treatment. How anonymous will our data be?

    • as per the link to the pigblog

      Your NHS number
      Your date of birth
      Your postcode
      Your gender
      Your ethnicity
      The date you registered with your GP surgery
      Your medical diagnoses (including cancer and mental health) and any complications
      Your referrals to specialists
      Your prescriptions
      Your family history
      Your vaccinations and screening tests
      Your blood test results
      Your body mass index (height/weight)
      Your smoking/alcohol habits

      not very anonymous is it ?

  2. Hi Ian, yet another great post. Like yourself, we never received a leaflet here informing us how to opt out of this appalling scheme. Like yourself and your family, myself and my family ( and i’m sure many of our wider family and friends and neighbours too ) will be opting out of what appears to be nothing more than another rotton way of making money out of us all. I understand that the planned date for the introduction of this vile new cash generator has now been cancelled. Let’s hope that the idea is completely binned before too long!!!!!

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