20 MPH zone in Pheasey

Have you noticed the red concrete bands appearing on the roads around the estate ? These will be on the entrance to the estate say at the bottom of Collingwood Drive, there is one on Frampton Way etc.

Took me a few minutes to understand what they were. Of course they are in preparation for the 20MPH zone here. When I found out about these I was in favour and I am still in favour of them.

In a residential area full of families some of the speeds we see around here are dangerous. It is for more good luck than judgement we have only a few serious incidents over the years. However I have a great concern that these will be simply be ignored. There is no way it seems of enforcing these and thus will it negate any possible benefit ?

We shall soon see. I have not seen the results of the consultation and I have placed a FOI request for this.

16 thoughts on “20 MPH zone in Pheasey

  1. Thanks for the info Ian. Surely we should have been told the outcome of the consultation before implementation. I still agree that it will be unforceable. Lets hope it works as a deterrant, but I doubt it.

    • I doubt it too as those who speed recklessly will not care.

      The problem is that the FOI will not be sent for 20 Working days so can not say what it said until then but it is shocking they have not released the findings before now (and if they did I can not find it).

  2. The chances are any consultation results reference Pheasey?PF/Neth will be in the Walsall freebies that we do not get, as the useless Great Barr Observer does not get the Walsall council legal documents that affect us! Any news Ian on getting the Council to put such documents in the Gt.Barr Obs ?

    • Nope none at all, will mail the contact back.

      I checked the other Walsall papers and nothing in them about the results of the consultations so will have to wait for FOI.

  3. just to bore the pants off you a bit more ,under local gov legislation on bye laws,they must be advertised in 1 or more newspapers circulating in the area to which the said bye laws are to apply .See if that helps, (,easily located on the web) and Walsall may then start to comply with what they should be doing.

    • I never knew that DJ, can you point me in the way of the documentation and will follow it up.

      I have had no reply back from Walsall Council on my query.

  4. It will not, I don’t think, be enforced. I was waiting to cross Hillingford Avenue on the corner by Make a Wish and a young woman came past me going very fast, so it will be these people who take no notice at all. Also where are the markings on Park Farm?

  5. Walsall Advertiser 6th.March,long list of roads on Pheasey relevent to 20mph.speed limit.Nothing in our rag again,what is the point!!!!!
    Can,Val not do anything to get things changed?

    • see the reply above DJ, and I can forward this onto the councillors first as it is really their responsibility and not Valerie’s.

      I am always careful you approach the right person first.

  6. Whilst appreciate 20 mile zones but I think the money could be better spent on the roads themselves pot holeshes on Stanhope Way, Frampton , Romney just to name a few that I have reported over 4 weeks ago yetl nothing done. Also the stupid bus stop end of Stanhope Way 3 junction Rd (corner of Stanhope slip road down Queslett Road and Doe bank lane) does no one care that when a bus pulls up (so called terminus buses wait up to 10-15 minutes here) anyone approaching down Stanhope towards Queslett Rd cannot see any cars coming around if you approach the slip road from Queslett to try and turn into Stanhope or even let alone try and get across to Doe Bank Lane you take your ilfe in your hands. Councillors have been told about this bus company has been approached they have not done anything to help burried heads in sand. Mind you they were busy getting photos in paper with the elderly getting the bus service to go past the community ctr I suppose they know where the votes are.

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