Consultation, what consultation ?

I heard disturbing information last night that Lapworth Architects were not allowed at the Walsall Council Consultation at Great Barr Memorial Hall.

After checking this, it was confirmed and they had been turned away by the council officials. It has not become clear after numerous attempts of asking Walsall Council on Twitter (who normally are very good to respond) as to why this decision has been made. It has also become clear that the architects have been asked to stay away from the Collingwood Centre on Monday.

It has been confirmed by three independent sources that Bob Winkle from Beacon Action Group was there for a number of hours. He is associated with the Memorial Hall but obviously in this case he is associated with BAG. If the architects were not allowed then BAG or any representative should have been refused entry as well, that would only be fair.

In all the pre-publicity from the council, Adrian Andrews and BAG themselves it was made clear all sides would be there for discussions and consultation. then this is not the case and it seems unfair and one sided.

I may disagree intently with BAG on this but surely they must see that is unfair and join with myself to call for the architects to be allowed along with a rep of BAG. If consultation is to mean anything it means all sides having the ability to put forward their views.

If the Council get back I will post up their reply.

EDIT – 16:23 Walsall Council have finally got back and said

This was a neutral council presentation. We asked that parties both for and against the plans…
did not participate in the meeting to ensure members of the public were not swayed either way.