Phone Mast Application failed

With thanks to the Express and Star Reporter Lisa O’Brien on Twitter (LINK) we have just found out the application for the new taller phone mast at the Nisa has failed.

The details are as follows. This will have no impact on the current mast being removed.

Lisa O’Brien ‏@lisaobrien_Star 9m
Phone mast application has been refused by committee.

Lisa O’Brien ‏@lisaobrien_Star 25m
Vodafone says new mast will bring ultra fast 4G services to local people.

Lisa O’Brien ‏@lisaobrien_Star 27m
Councillor Adrian Andrew: “The new mast will be bigger. The applicant is rubbing the salt in the wounds of our local residents.”

Lisa O’Brien ‏@lisaobrien_Star 38m
Councillors now discussing controversial plans for replacement phone mast in Waverley Avenue, Pheasey.

Lisa has confirmed that all the councillors on the committee voted against the proposal.

3 thoughts on “Phone Mast Application failed

  1. Councillors Speak Against New Phone Mast

    Local Pheasey Park Farm Councillors, Chris Towe and Adrian Andrew, spoke at a Planning meeting to oppose a new mast on the site of the detested Vodaphone and O2 mast on the corner of Waverley Avenue and Beacon Road.

    Councillor Chris Towe said to the committee “The original application was refused by the council but because of a technicality it went qzahead. This application was wrong then and it wrong now I am delighted the committee have backed local residents and Councillors. I would also like to thank all the residents who signed our petition against this application”

    Councillor Adrian Andrew, who called the application in on behalf of residents and Councillors said “The applicants are trying to rub salt into the wounds of local people who did not what the application. We opposed the the new mast because it is a new application with new cabinets and the mast was to be moved”

    The Councillors were backed by their ward Colleague Councillor Mike Bird who moved the refusal and grilled the applicant about their statement the existing mast is obsolete. He said “tonight we are seeing justice being done where this refusal vindicates the criticism raised Councillors and the Council and shows that the decision in the high court was incorrect. This mast is not wanted and the existing mast is obsolete and we have requested officers, with the support of the Committee, to write to the operator to remove this mast with immediate effect”

    The applicant said that they will be searching for a new site for the 4G mast and were questions asked whether the services on the existing mast could be moved, Councillors and officers have offered to work with the applicant to find an alternative site – we will have to wait and see what their response is.

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