20MPH Zone in Pheasey – Have YOUR say

This was inevitable that Walsall would follow the likes of Birmingham in trialling 20MPH zones. We are one of 5 areas in Walsall to be trialled in this experiment in the following loop.


Please check THIS out from Walsall Council for full details and I urge you to respond to the survey that has been posted or online.

I am totally in favour of this. I have a small child and some of the speeds you see in and around the Terminus are frightening and I see no reason except for boy racers to oppose it.

I have stated in the survey that Park Farm should have been covered as well.

6 thoughts on “20MPH Zone in Pheasey – Have YOUR say

  1. This is a very contentious subject and one close to my heart, however, i am not sure 20MPH zones actually work in the way with which they are meant to. I understand your concerns with your youngster Ian and it is true that a child in a collision with a car has much more chance if the car is traveling at 20mph rather than 30mph etc, however, the problem lies within something you have actually mentioned above and I quote “some of the speeds you see in and around the Terminus are frightening and I see no reason except for boy racers to oppose it.” Now, not all the stupid speeds are down to boyracers, although clearly they are more likely to ignore the speed limits, however, what about the speeds of the other numpty’s whom are not boy racers? They ignore the speed limits too, will the 20mph speed limit slow them down? If the 30mph currently does not then why would we think a 20mph limit would?

    I recently had a speed identifier almost outside my house and the speeds were ridiculous that i noticed displayed on it! Now i drive a high speed sports saloon, however, i would not consider some of these speeds on a motorway, let alone a residential street. What about these fools i witnessed speeding past my house, I can tell you they did not slow down even faced with their stupid speeds.

    Incidentally, my street seems lately to be a route the traffic constabulary take when on blues and two’s, now how will these limits effect them as they too have speed limit imposed on them i believe, based i on a percentage of the actual speed limit?

    So i am in 2 minds whether i would support this or not, what i am more interested in is how much this idea has cost so far and how much will consultation and implementation take? I do believe Birmingham are quoting some £7million for much the same

    • I believe there is central govt funding for this.
      Now In an estate likes ours there is no need to speed at all for normal drivers, why would you ?

      I suggest in the summer you come to my garden and listen to the revving etc that happens at the shops. Of course all West Mids speed cameras have been turned off so we will see if there is an increase in accidents.

      As someone who was involved in an accident only a week ago then car drivers have to be more than responsible.

      • Ian i agree with what you are saying about the speeding and don’t doubt your word about the noises from the shops and i guess this is down to both the council (under asbo rules & nuisance laws) along with the police under various powers to deal with, however, it is a separate issue to speeding.

        The cameras indeed have been turned of, although i notice a few flashes on Newton Rd of late and see they were replacing the burnt out one by the Scott Arms this morning. So, yes i guess it is quite probable the accident rate will have risen, but perhaps they are now again being resurrected?

        Car drivers certainly do need to be more responsible, they fail to understand that they are in control of a lethal weapon, no less so than if they were holding a loaded gun!

  2. I agree with your comments in principle, but who is going to enforce it. It would be unenforceable in my road which is at the very top of park farm. I live on a corner and motorists came round on two wheels even though they cannot see who is round the corner. I also agree that something needs to be done regarding Collingwood Drive, Not long ago I was overtaken by some yob who went onto the other side of the road because I slowed down over the speed humps. I am convinced that the young drivers who make the Pheasey’s lives a misery have not got tax or insurance! Don’t know what the answer is to this

    • Patricia, the only answer to this is either a constant vigil by the police, which clearly can not happen in today’s financial climate or the inevitable speed ramps, bumps and the like. The speed limit will not change the issues you have at all as you have clearly experienced.

      If the speed ramps that you mention were curb to curb the driver would not have overtaken you and speed bumps do sow people down. There are, however, many problems associated with speed bumps, that is the cost of maintaining the average car due to the affects of them. These things do take a massive toll on car suspensions, create traffic flow issues and are somewhat an eyesore, i would much rather we did not have them but call them “sleeping policemen” and they do save on precious resources that the “Awake policeman” have not got in an abundance, even if they cannot issue a ticket!

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