Budget Consultation – Sports teams to be hit

Pheasey has a large number of sports teams and many probably use Council fields to play on. As part of the budget plans for the Council it is proposed that the teams pay the full price of the rent. I asked Walsall Council about this and they replied

We are writing to all teams,leagues etc to advise them of proposals. For more info email perrins-seedhouseg@walsall.gov.uk

The budget plans ad consultation details can be found HERE

They did do a roadshow at the Collingwood Centre on Monday but I did not find out about this until too late.

Obviously there are many cuts planned int his document which could affect Pheasey residents and I encourage you if you feel angry enough to take part in the consultation.

We could debate the wrong or right of any cut but these have to be made. Pheasey councillor and Walsall Leader Mike Bird thoughts on this are clear.

“I’m not happy with the government’s proposals. I think they are sounding the death kneel of local government across the country.”


7 thoughts on “Budget Consultation – Sports teams to be hit

  1. My first thought on this … well perhaps i should say laugh is the comment by the labour opposition leader to the tory leader:

    “If he is truly horrified by his own government’s policies I look forward to seeing him resign from the Conservatives and applying to join Labour, but I’m not holding my breath”

    Yes, seems like a good idea, join the party who were the manufacturers of the financial troubles in the first place toand leave the party who are failing miserably to solve their inherited problems!

    Never mind, it is looking highly likely that we will have a UKIP council leader in Walsall next year followed by hopefully a UKIP prime minister the following year …

    Just more proof that the liblabcon are all the same, (useless), and it is time for a change if you ask me!

  2. Hi Paul, yes isn’t it strange how Quisling FibLabCon politicians take it in turns to wail about national and local spending cuts, but somehow always fail to mention the fact that every day the UK Government hand over a staggering 53 million pounds of British taxpayers money to the completely undemocratic and totally corrupt European Union, a rotton bunch of thieving crooks who have this week, for the 19th year in succession failed to sign off their books because of spending errors totalling the colossal sum

  3. Exactly, a days money saved from the EU would allow WMBC to up their spending by more than they have to cut it, imagine what a years worth could do for the country as a whole!

  4. of six billion pounds. Did anyone miss that? – SIX BILLION POUNDS. Added to that, next year the useless FibCon Government are going to hand over 11 billion, 400 million pounds of UK taxpayers cash in foreign aid; much of which will be stolen by corrupt overseas leaders, their families, Government Ministers, other assorted politicians, senior army officers and senior police officers etc etc etc etc etc. It’s estimated by many British business owners that

  5. the never ending stream of European Union red tape flooding out of Brussels and Strasbourg costs our businesses a massive £120 billion pounds a year. It’s time to end this madness. The European Union and Local Council Elections are now set for Thursday 22nd May 2014, a day that many political observers indicate could very well be a very bad few hours at the office indeed for the traitorous FibLabCons.

  6. It’s not too late to post comments/suggestions as part of the 2014/15 Budget Consultation. The final decision on the budget does not take place till Feb 2014.
    We could have a long discussion as to why we are where we are but I suspect that we would end up agreeing to disagree.
    All council’s whether they are Lib Dem/Conservative/Labour are faced with reductions in what they have available to spend.
    Here in Walsall the budget ideas currently on the table include investment in excess of £200 million (£61 million into children’s services, £64 million into social care and health). This could be achieved without increasing Walsall’s element of the Council Tax.
    We are consulting from now till February’s meeting of the Council on whether you think, given what money is available, we have got the mix of service spend right? If not, how would you change the mix? Would you prefer to pay slightly more in Council Tax to increase the amount that can be spent? A 2% increase for instance would increase the money available to invest by £1.72 million.
    Last year, comments on the budget were taken into account and some changes were made. This is just the start of the journey towards next years budget. Nothing has been decided yet.

  7. The blame game!Geo.Bush a lefty ?did the USA not financially collapse,France and countless others too.,Tories were yelling for more de regulation in opposition! it would have been worse.Get big companies to stop fiddling and owners of Daily Mail,Telegraph,Mr.Green and a multitude of other rich to pay some Tax.The IMF said we were( fiddled)with off shore useage of tax havens, a cost to UK of 68 billion in 2011 in uncollected tax. Will,Dave & George do anything about it and upset ,Banks, friends,big accountant firms,Vodafone etc,no chance,(including Mr.Farages family business) they are all at it and do not care!! So we all lose more and more local services,maybe Mr.Paxman is correct!

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