Reaction from Nether Hall resident on development and trouble

Sushma posted this on the post regarding Nether Hall and I believe it needs a wider reading. I have always considered Nether Hall as part of Pheasey and in fact the Pheasey sign should be moved down to the Motorway Bridge to incorporate them. I posted HERE about their isolation and if this development helps then good.

Residents can not live like this and nor should they be forgotten in any development talk.


I live on the Nether Hall Estate, close to Horseshoe Way. For the past 18 months our family have lived here and it has not been pleasant, as soon as the sun goes down, we seem to see every person with an ASBO attached to their name come out to play.

Of an evening we have children/teenagers come from various directions, which run riot until early hours of the morning, jumping/climbing lamp posts, urinating on cars, drinking alcohol, swearing at the top of their voice at 2am in the morning. They are using our estate to walk towards the old house and land.

On weekends we have 4x4s, dirt motor bikes, and loud loud incredibly loud quads. They drive round the land at high speed with no regard for safety. I no longer take my 1 year old daughter there for walks on weekends as its too dangerous.

During the summer the area became a “dogging” ground, and we used to see used condoms up by the top gate when entering the gates of the old house.
There was a meeting about all of these problems with Council, Police and Bovis Homes, on wednesday at Colling Wood Centre, as we cannot live like this anymore.

I am happy they are building the house, as it will get rid of many problems of anti social behaviour. Im not too sure if I want houses built there or not, but I know that I would prefer them, then leave the land to nature and the ASBO people.

The views or lack of direction from Steve Grey above I believe to be very irresponsible and dangerous, and clearly show that he is not in touch with day to day issues and from what I can tell did not even turn up to the meeting as there has been no mention of this.

The residents at Nether Hall are fed up with the problems, and this can be clearly seen from the Facebook page that has been set up to vent anger.

She then added

Two councillors, one of which was Andrews. The other not sure of his name.

2 Police women were present, part of the neighbour hood watch team, a member from Walsall ASBO team and 2 reps from Bovis.

There were around 100 people present along with the person who owns the old house.
Bovis have said they will help secure and cameras would be going up from Walsall Council.

It got quite heated, as there are a lot of problems on the estate.

All the info is on the Nether Hall Facebook page, along with details about the meeting next saturday regarding the plans with the old house.

I will link the Facebook page when I find it.