997 Bus Issues – a contact point

I am well aware of the concern over the re-routing of the buses on Pheasey and that some residents have been affected by this.

Well the 997 bus is also a cross border issue with the people in Oscott and local councillor Keith Linnecor who is a member of Centro has been given responsibility for this route. He is happy therefore to receive local residents comments on this bus route and is expecting them !!

Please contact Keith on keith.linnecor@birmingham.gov.uk

I know he is not our councillor but he is acting as a representative of Centro in this respect.

2 thoughts on “997 Bus Issues – a contact point

  1. There will be a public announcement regarding a new route around Pheasey this week secured by local Pheasey Park Farm Councillors with a lot of lobbying and meetings with CENTRO and national express. It has not been the re-routing of the 997 that has been the only and major issue but we believe we have resolved most of the issues residents and Community groups have had. There will also be some news on the success of some of the redesigned services with increases in use.

    Thank you to the 997 people who signed our petition for a review of the changes that were implemented with little consultation and thank you to all of those people in all sorts of organisations who have supported our endeavours, mostly led by Cllr Chris Towe, to get resolution to bus issues in Pheasey Park Farm.

  2. In a market economy isn’t it the market that decides and not local politicians?If you have done the right thing then all well and good but if the changes that you claim credit for do not work will you take the blame for the service being withdrawn?

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