Local Election Leaflets in Pheasey

Yes it is that time of year when letterboxes are stuffed full of paper from your local candidates. I will just post them here with no comment as one of them is mine on behalf of our candidate.

5 thoughts on “Local Election Leaflets in Pheasey

  1. Is this the only election stuff put out on your ward? I thought with this being such a closely contested local elections that there would have been more information sent out especially by the conservatives who must keep this seat to try and keep control it’s almost as if they think this safe set in which they do not have to bother much about is that correct ?

  2. I think you may be correct I have not seen anyone from the conservatives on my street and the only stuff that has come by me is from the labour people … I live on Tyndale crescent we used to have a councillor that lived on our street at least he got stuff done for us, not closing parks at night to cars which all the yobs to gatherer undisturbed by anyone including the police on bar beacon

  3. Yes go out and vote I said go out and vote not for those in control ( in this case the conservatives) vote for one of the others . The only time you see your councillors is when they come asking for your votes pretending to be on your side at election time, what has this council done for us Nothing they let phone masts go up without any problems until we complain then they are on our side but by then it’s to late. Also the conservative council want to close doe bank park to anyone who is not a footballer! Is this the start of them wanting to close it as they have done with the bowling green ? so that eventually they can turn around and say “the park is not being fully used so can we close it and turn it into housing”

  4. For stated reasons I will not comment too much but I have all the leaflets given out by all three parties but the Tory leaflet is not easy to scan in and unfair not to put it up alongside ours.

    What has been put out is as I understand

    2 Labour Leaflets, 1 election address and I directed mail

    1 Tory leaflet, 1 election address, 1 directed mail

    1 UKIP leaflet

    also we have canvassed various parts of the ward and made sure we cover each of the areas

    Tories I understand have just canvassed Nether Hall

    If we (Labour) win tomorrow I can assure you that our councillor will be at all times visible and accessible.

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