Local Election Leaflets in Pheasey Part 2 – Now to count the Votes

I believe that this is all that will be distributed in Pheasey now. Tomorrow will tell the parties who has won and who put out the best campaign.

I will leave up to others to judge who had the best, I am biased !

12 thoughts on “Local Election Leaflets in Pheasey Part 2 – Now to count the Votes

  1. had the UKIP one today…what a disapointment,they only slagged off Labour ,never mentioned the I want a pay rise,double yellow lines,waste £ 4 million of our money in Europe ,wreck walsall town shopping lot of smug tories,what a wierd bunch UKIP are!

  2. Hi DJ,
    The leaflet posted this morning was purely a response to the bizarre Euro-Labour leaflet ludicrously claiming that they are the party that will protect Great Barr Park and the wider green belt area in Pheasey/Park Farm; This is the same useless Euro-Labour Party responsible for allowing Bovis Homes to dump hundreds of houses and flats in our green belt Great Barr Park. A general UKIP leaflet for the 5,000 properties across Pheasey/Park Farm and Orchard Hills covering a range of topics was delivered during the first two weeks of the election campaign; I’d be surprised if you hadn’t received one of those as i was present when every leaflet posted on Park Farm was put through those particular letterboxes.

    • steve as most of the votes have been cast now I am willing to debate this.

      OK you can go back into history and keep raking that up, I could tell you as you know every member of the local labour party at the time including Bruce George was against it.

      Our comments were directly about the change in the Planning regs the tories introduced. Their response totally missed the point as the threat is not to the listed parts of the area but the unlisted parts. The new regs do not protect those parts at all whereas the old ones meant you could battle on it.

      I would appreciate you send me a copy of the leaflet so I can post it up as the only one missing but locally you know the Labour party was against the whole plan.

  3. And, the change in VAT regulations in the 2012 budget will now make it more expensive to do anything with the listed element of the site/buildings already in place.

    • exactly mate and thus it is something that a close eye has to be taken upon because despite what others may say the land is under threat.

  4. Hi Ian,
    I couldn’t believe your Euro-Labour ‘protecting Great Barr Park and the wider local green belt’ leaflet; talk about an own goal. All your leaflet did was seriously upset local residents all across Pheasey and Park Farm still really angry about Euro-Labour allowing their carpet bagging pals at Bovis to desecrate OUR Great Barr Park by dumping hundreds of houses and flats there. Myself and other REAL Labour members of the Pheasey/Park Farm Labour Party such as Darren Porter, Gloria Newman and Bill Newman all resigned from the party because everyone in Pheasey/Park Farm was stabbed in the back by all of the hand wringing Tory Euro-Labour sell-outs who proclaimed that they were against the Bovis plan, which was then implemented by spoilt, wealthy, multi-expensive home owning Euro-Labour Tory John Prescott. Bruce George was about as much use as a chocolate teapot in the fight against Bovis and their war criminal Blairite Tory chums.

  5. Hi Ian,
    All of the second batch of UKIP leaflets were posted yesterday, so i don’t have one to pass on to you; sorry. This is a Pheasey/Park Farm blog and all of the issues raised are local to here, so i’d say that this is exactly the right place to discuss them.
    Hi DJ; I only had time for a response to your post with regard to the second UKIP leaflet yesterday, but i did note your other local gripes and was very interested in your claim that indicates that Walsall MBC apparently handed over 4 million pounds of local Council Tax-payers money to Europe (by which i presume you mean the European Union) at some point recently. It’s the first that i’ve heard about this; and i raised the matter of your claim with Walsall UKIP Branch Chairman Derek Bennett this afternoon; It was the first he’d heard about a 4 million pound Walsall MBC handover too. We’d obviously be very interested in knowing why Walsall MBC gave ‘Europe’ 4 million pounds of Local Taxpayers cash and exactly when this occurred.

    • It happened a few years ago from memory, would suggest derek contacts Tim Oliver for clarification.

      this is purely from memory but was to do with a rule Walsall broke

  6. Hi,ian you are right, mis mangement cost all a lot of money,but as usual it was some one elses fault,it may have been 2009 but we still paid the money back as council tax payers…it was all sorted behind closed doors..surprise! DJ.

  7. Hi Ian, DJ,
    The way DJ worded his comments it appeared that 4 million pounds had recently been handed over by Walsall MBC to the EU; It would have helped if the 2009 date had been included in the post. We are aware of past financial blunders by the Council.
    UKIP are a fairly broad church of former Real Labour, Conservative, Liberal (not Liberal-Democrat) party members/supporters; and members with no previous political party membership or affiliations. We target all voters (and current non-voters) regardless of current or past political preferences.
    P.S. I’ve yet however to meet UKIP Party members that were for example former members of the Fib-Dems, SWP, BNP, Respect, SNP, Welsh Nats, Blairite Zanu PF/Euro Labour or the Greens.

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