9 thoughts on “Local Election Candidates for Pheasey

  1. A shame that Steve can’t bring himself to use his corrrect postal address of Birmingham! LOL

  2. funny enough going to Brum tomorrow for my 40th Birthday works drinks, not West Brom or Walsall.

    I respect Steve’s views just totally disagree with how the estate is.

  3. At least he is local,not the usual big party import and may therefore have some empathy with what goes on on the estate,I remember wasting my time talking to one of our absent councillors,not a clue did he have about the Old Horns and the shops there..sad .

  4. After the election could discuss this further but as I am an election agent best to stop there from me on this blog.

    what I will say is that being a councillor for Pheasey is a strange concept after 2006. Nothing against our friends from Orchard Hills but simply for the ward we have little in common and one issue here has no relevance there and vice versa.

  5. Hi Duncan, Ian, DJ,
    I always put our historic county of (South) Staffordshire on my address; and all post carrying that address always arrives here on time. The Walsall suburb of Pheasey/Park Farm, Great Barr has NEVER been a part of Birmingham.
    And as for having some empathy with what goes on in our suburb; for example, together with Bill and Gloria Newman, Ian Phillips, Darren Porter, Steve and Gill Kain etc etc, i was fully involved in the fight to stop Euro-Labour from desecrating our green belt Great Barr Park by dumping hundreds of houses and flats there. What did you do to stand up for local residents and protect our green belt against Euro-Labour, DJ? Were you involved in that fight at all?
    Roll on Saturday April 28th, bring on the Vile.

    • As an ex-employee of Royal Mail mine was more of a technical point. The “South Staffordshire” line is an irrelevancy as far as delivery is concerned. This area was formerly B22A and before our own delivery office was opened in 1962 in Greenholm Road our mail would I believe have been delivered by the Handsworth office. All mail posted and delivered in Pheasey/Park Farm is processed in Birmingham Mail Centre. Although the secondary school which many of us attended, Barr Beacon is in Walsall postally and its mail is processed in Wolverhampton. This merely shows that boundaries mean different things to different organisations!

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