Concern over Phone Mast on Park Farm

Thanks to NS & AJ on this blog and Steve who sent me an email I have been alerted of concerns of residents on Park farm regarding a positioning of a Mobile telephone mat on the pavement outside NISA. I am not qualified to comment on the safety aspects but these create large concerns in the community as the successful removal of one on Doe Bank Lane and Queslett road showed.

This is the current state of the mast being built and it will look so unsightly in an area that is simply not suitable for it.

I have sent the following email to our local councillors

Dear Mike, Chris, Andrew,

I have been alerted by concerned residents to the mobile phone mast being built on the corner of Beacon Road and Waverley Avenue. On the Pheasey News blog I have posted about this and would appreciate your response to these concerns.

‘AJ’ in particular was concerned over the response that there was nothing you could do about this dues to Government rules. could you please explain the reasoning behind this ?

Also I have checked the planning applications and could not find one for this mast could you please provide the reference number for this so people can confirm what was asked for ?

For the concerned residents I will post your reply up.

2 thoughts on “Concern over Phone Mast on Park Farm

  1. the exact wording of the relevant parts from”the company are claiming they have not received the refusal notice and under the law it means they can carry on”
    Sorry I would have sent you a copy with the rest of the comments but I am computer illiterate.

  2. thats no problem mate and received a reply from Adrian which I will post up later but clearly talks ongoing

    after searching for a while I have the planning docs for it and will post up later the details

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