6 thoughts on “Leaflet sent to Park Farm Residents

  1. Being IN TOUCH..they did not tell us about the PHONE MAST rising from the earth outside the car park to NISA opp.Cat & Fiddle.
    Nice doses of radiation then for all the local Kids,still,JBird-ToweR and a.Andreww do not live anywhere near ,so its OK then!
    Does anyone read anything on this site? DJ.

  2. Mobile phone masts have been and are being installed everywhere but the dangers arising from them are not mentioned very often and the phone companies have no morals about where they go and their effects . The effects cover large areas round the masts and the residents living in their vicinity are are in danger of getting cancer, causing clusters of cancer cases. For example Sutton Coldfield is recognised as an area where there are large numbers of cancer from radiation from the masts in the area.

  3. Had a reply at long last from a councillor regarding mast.As usual its not their fault its the Government..The phone company s actions are, he says, illegal??? BUT NOTHING CAN BE DONE!!!!!!

  4. Phone Masts – Success, or lack of it, varies from area to area. In my own patch, a meeting of local residents were successful in getting the phone mast moved, but it still went up in another area.
    With Barr Beacon being just up the hill, surely they could find another site not far away, but more out in the country, not affecting any people? Worth proposing to the phone company? How about a complete ban on their products if they do not toe the line. Alan.

  5. Alan, I can think of a few places you could put them (by the reservoir that could work ) It is not like my phone signal on Tmobile is poor round here !!

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