Fears over crime on Park Farm – Meeting tomorrow

There has been a spate of reported violent crime on Park Farm recently and this is of great concern to the residents.

The latest report was of a mugging on Waverley Avenue at 9AM in the morning, a very brazen crime.

I have only been told today that there is a residents meeting planned for Monday 16th May at Pheasey Park Farm community centre to discuss the issues and all residents invited to attend if worried.

This meeting has been organised by the three local councillors (Andrew, Bird and Towe) so for any further details please contact one of them using the contact details at the top of this blog.

I will not be able to attend tomorrow so if someone can provide a report please send me a report to post up.

2 thoughts on “Fears over crime on Park Farm – Meeting tomorrow

  1. Very successful meeting as far as getting the community involved. There were approx. 250 residents attended, in spite of the fact that it was during the day when people would be at work. Residents quite rightly expressed the fears at the spate of recent crime – 4 violent break=ins, and handbags being snatched. Police had apprehended one suspect, but thought there was another one involved. Residents very worried, and police have stepped up patrols. Big suspicions where the criminals are coming from, but no evidence to date.

  2. thanks Alan, I have sent you an email.

    I am glad that progress has been taken and made and hopefully we will see the results soon.

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