Update on the Mobile Phone Mast on Beacon Road

Adrian Andrew has replied back about the phone mast controversy and said that he has plenty of comments and awaiting further details from Adrian. Mike Bird also replied back and said that there are possible legal matters which may be ongoing.

I found the application eventually on Walsall Council’s planning site and it is number 10/1647/PT and was lodged on the 16th December 2010.

The refusal notice for the plans are HERE.

and the relevant statement is this

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, as Local Planning Authority, hereby confirms that
Prior Approval is REQUIRED and REFUSES the details of the development described
above, as shown in the plans which accompanied the application.

The refusal is very clear and obvious to all in terms of the obstruction and the appearance of the mast. It does appear that the council are in the process of getting this removed hence the legalities of the situation.

5 thoughts on “Update on the Mobile Phone Mast on Beacon Road

  1. well its up and its electronics too. No noise from “local”Councillors keeping us informed as promised(its always someone else to blame) and local shipped in MP did not even bother to reply to me..what a surprise. Still its a very pretty mast ,tall and not close to our local schools, just in case of any radiation while you eat in the Cat or gather outside Nisa for a chat.
    So there you go Pheasey/Park Farmers we really count for a lot with our political superiors.

  2. I think this is shocking. The planning permission was clearly turned down and I am appalled they can get away with this. I am equally appalled that the council seem to be doing nothing about it. I have been discussing this matter with friends and neighbours and there is a general feeling of outrage that this has been allowed. I will personally be taking this up with the council and would urge others to do the same. i appreciate these masts have to go somewhere but surely it could have gone somewhere a litte less obvious – on the land behind Asda for instance – who would even know it was there!!!

  3. Maybe I’m being too cynical here, but perhaps the initial refusal of planning permission was just a public relations spin, knowing all the time that ‘permission by default’ would be achieved by the phone companies under the guise of administrative error. The BBC have run an investigation about this very issue and it appears that a number of councils up and down the country are making so-called ‘blunders’ and enabling the construction of phone masts to be erected in residential areas – see website: – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4838152.stm.

    I’ve also been in touch with MP, Councillors and Midlands Today – no reply as yet (and I won’t hold my breath)!

  4. Well said Lisa! You’ve most likely hit the nail on the head. On the other phone mast feed on this site ‘Brown hills Bob’ seemed to know the facts about how planning permission works, so the councl planner who delt with this should have known exactly what to do to stop it.

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