Possible New boundaries for Pheasey

It is inevitable that the the government will get their way and redraw the boundaries and there will be massive changes (unless a large rebellion) that I think in Pheasey will have large political repercussions on the Estate. You can see that effect in the Pheasey to Birmingham thread I started and the strong debate on both sides especially from Steve Grey.

So lets look at the proposals, which are to make every constituency 75,000 people or within a certain % of that. In the last local elections the rolls for the three Walsall seats were

Aldridge & Brownhills – 58,900
Walsall South – 64,700
Walsall North – 64,800

These figures are of course well down on 75,000 and means that there will have to massive redrawing of the boundaries and we are inevitably going to be moved from Walsall South. This is where the political fun and games begin.

In order to speed up the process the Government proposes to abolish local enquires and this will deemed at national level so local feelings and belonging will go to the mathematics of it.

The impact for Pheasey ?

Well it is not clear if boundaries are withdrawn whether the same areas will move councils so the Electoral Reform Society an independent body commissioned independent work by CACI (location specialists) to draw up fair boundaries and this is what they came up with (Large LINK) for Pheasey they suggest the following

It is worth noting that they think the proposal based on electoral roles is unfair so this is drawn on population size but I think the point is totally valid we will see a major shift of Pheasey and I just can not see it drawn on these figures being a Walsall constituency.

That WILL be fun and games.

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  1. If it means you end up in Birmingham and Mike Bird ends up in the obscurity then I’m sorry but I think you owe it to humanity to take the hit.

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