Yellow lines disappearing, waste of money and the Old Garage

As you may have noticed last week the council removed the totally pointless Yellow lines that were placed on Collingwood Drive some months if not years ago.

Why they were placed there in the first place is a mystery and now spending even more cash (not a lot of that about) to remove them, great planning that !

Also I am sure you have noticed the state of the old Beacon Road garage has really gone down hill the past weeks with the fencing destroyed and the garage itself I guess the location for various actions.

Are the local councillors looking at this and taking action ?

Can still no planning permission for it ?

5 thoughts on “Yellow lines disappearing, waste of money and the Old Garage

  1. What an eye sore the corner of Moreton Avenue has become. How much better it was when the lads were there washing cars every day. At least the place was tidy then. I would not be at all surprised if the tinkers roll up with their caravans and trucks and take up residence there for as long as it takes for the council to move them on and what sort of mess will be be left with then!!

  2. Hi Christine,
    I and many other local residents agree with your views concerning the old garage site at the junction of Moreton Avenue and Beacon Road. What a thoroughly depressing looking mess!
    Walsall Borough Council should place a compulsory purchase order on the site and the land should then be sold for sensible re-development; for example NOT business development or flats, but 2 to 3 detatched houses or 4 semi-detatched houses of a size to match the adjoining 2 detached properties on Moreton Avenue and 4 Victorian cottages on Beacon Road.

  3. I thought that there was a planning application in, as I posted on the blog before had heard a rumour the dentists on Collingwood were going to move in ?

  4. Hi Ian,
    Myself and my neighbours have all heard the rumours about a dental surgery being built on the old garage site. But whether that will ultimately happen or not remains to be seen.

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