Mixed news about the swimming pools in Pheasey

With the spending cuts upon us there is mixed news about the swimming pools in Pheasey at Barr Beacon and Pheasey school.

The Express and Star have reported that only 6 of the 21 schools with polls will keep them with the one at Barr Beacon recommend to stay.


However for Pheasey school it is not clear at all on the status of that pool and I will ask the local councillors to comment on it’s future.


Thanks to Mike Bird for his quick response

All services across the Borough will be viewed equally without political bias and you will be advised along with all other members when Cabinet have decided on these issues

2 thoughts on “Mixed news about the swimming pools in Pheasey

  1. It would appear somebody doesn’t know their arse from their elbow. Next day after the E&S article, the press office at the grey Lubyanka posted this:

    Statement on school pools

    Date Published : 16 October 2010

    Cabinet member for leisure Councillor Anthony Harris said: “We are taking a long term strategic view of sports facilities in Walsall.

    “The report to last night’s Community Services Scrutiny and Performance Panel presented a range of recommendations across the full spectrum of leisure activities.

    “Walsall has a very high number of school swimming pools. And one of the recommendations highlights the need to plan ahead for how we will meet the challenge of maintaining the existing 22 school swimming pools we have in the borough, some of which are up to 60 years old.

    “But the report does make it absolutely clear that the future of individual school pools is a matter for the schools themselves to decide – their closure is not something we as a local authority can make decisions about.”


    Looks like another well thought out idea to me. Not.

    Nothing but a bunch of shunts.

    All the best


  2. thanks Bob for that, we will see what the local councillors say as Pheasey junior’s one is a well loved pool most of us on the estate have used as kids.

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