Valerie Vaz Surgery – Saturday

Valerie Vaz will be holding her first surgery as MP at Pheasey Library at the Collingwood Centre at 10am on Saturday.

Please visit to say hello or any issues

If any of the Conservative councillors would like to publicise their surgeries let me know.

This blog now get 100 unique hits a day which for a local site is very good.

3 thoughts on “Valerie Vaz Surgery – Saturday

  1. For information Local Councillors will be supporting the Pheasey Park Farm Community Centre sponsored walk this morning.

    It starts from the centre at 10.30, all are welcome. We atteneded their AGM the other day and continue to support the organisation and all other Community organistaions in the area.

    Last night we held our local celebration event at the Collingwood Centre to celebrate the re-election of Cllr Chris Towe and a record Conservative vote in Pheasey Park Farm.

    Chris Towe 2960
    Lab 1499
    UKIP 780
    Lib 675

  2. so that was the noise then Adrian 🙂

    the walk you mentioned is a great idea, how many were on it, there was no publicity on it, which I believe is a major issue that has to be addressed

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